Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Where I am From

I am from the Chesapeake Bay with its sharp jellyfish sting and its soothing salty waves, from Kraft macaroni and cheese and Scottish shortbread.

I am from the old church Sunday School house with the yard that goes on forever, painstakingly perfected by my parents.

I am from the marina rose bush and the smell of freshly cut trees.

I am from Christmas brunch and fierce devotion, from Lowe and Whitefield and the Leach legacy.

I am from dedication to the Word and dedication to the family.

From scarecrow bones and the Michelin tire monster.

I am from 11 am church services and punch in Andersen Hall.

I'm from the flat landscape of the District, the mountains of the Cherokee and the hills of Scotland, of shortbread and venison.

From the ship carrying my grandmother back from Africa as a child mourning the loss of her missionary father, the strength of an iron worker on the Empire State Building, the ability to make anything sprout forth from the earth with hard work and dedication and jars and jars filled with the fruits of that labor.

I am from boxes of pictures in the basement, old sticky album pages faded with time, ship manifests and census reports. From love letters home from the Korean War, passport photos and newspaper clippings.

I am from wood fires and love of trees. Sunday Redskins games and a little girl’s unwavering devotion for her father. I am from family, faith and hard work. A legacy.

Where are you from? Let me know if you post this so I can read yours as well!


Susie said...

This is beautiful, Angel!!! I'm misty-eyed now.... :o) Thanks for sharing that!!!

Heather_in_WI said...

This is beautiful. Wow. Thanks for sharing.

Heather_in_WI said...

Oh, and I meant to tag you for a homeschool resource meme. You're it!


Mamma D said...

This is really cool. Did mine on my blog.

Mrs. Sam said...

Love this...posted on my blog...come on over! Thanks for a neat idea.

Anonymous said...

You are ssssoooo awesome! I loved it! I really love reading anything you put down. The kids look beautiful and tell Mr. Clean I said hello! Miss u much, love always, Sandra:)