Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Voice From the Distance

My heart has been a little heavy lately as we head toward the end of the school year. Since the beginning of my motherhood journey, I was convinced that I would homeschool my precious, obedient, perfect, and brilliant offspring while baking homemade bread and making nutritious meals from scratch with whole foods.


I buy bread, have been known to hit a drive-thru or two a little too often, and have discovered what every mother eventually finds out; my children, while precious, are not perfect, rarely obedient twice in a row and were not born knowing the mathematical constant, pi. Or how to put their shoes on the correct feet. They must be taught. In comes SuperMomma to the rescue. Or so I thought.

Currently I have two of my children officially being homeschooled. C'sa will start Kindergarten next year and then there will be three. My 9 year old son K.Z. was my first guinea pig and we started off with a bang. Then we started limping a little. Then, a shot in the arm and all seemed well again. Then a total blow out. We are finishing up the year and he has done well with his curriculum, but there was a lot of blood, sweat and tears put into the year. Okay, maybe no blood, but certainly a lot of tears. From both of us.

Along came time for student number two, my daughter Xena. She is me, in everyway when it comes to school. She’s a nerd like her mother and loves to read, write and all that fun stuff us geeks love. Polar opposite from her brother who would much rather be playing kickball or with Legos.

Lately, my perfect, precious son has been working very hard to find his role on this planet. For the most part he is still a boy in need of his mommy, not that I would dare tell anyone that mind you. That would make him look so un-cool. Throw that process in the blender with a Lego loving boy, a nerdy Momma who is just as stubborn as her son, and the result is something just a little less scary than, say, Ultimate Fighting. On roller skates.

The daddy person in this equation has just about had enough. So now we have some very hard decisions to make about next year, to which I have been lamenting to friends about. One very sweet friend was a voice in the dark and I cannot thank her enough. She reminded me of some very important aspects I had been overlooking (Mr. Clean’s role here, as well as some others). I was looking for a burning bush and I wonder now if I was close enough to it the whole time to actually feel the burn, but did not want to see it.

I still do not know what the future will bring for my son’s education (nor my other children for that matter), but I did realize that my agenda was certainly not serving everyone else’s as well as I had envisioned.


After all, you can’t keep a good nerd down…