Saturday, October 25, 2008


So far all I have come up with to use as an alias for our little visitor is "E.Z.", but since that can easily be confused for K.Z. (our oldest son), I decided to call him "Eazy" in the blogosphere. Frankly, that's how I would describe him too.

Today we decided to go and visit the "Lego Store" which is about 45 minutes from our house and in a mall (I hate malls). It turned out that it was also "Trick-or-Treat Day" at the same mall so it was really crowded. We checked out the Legos, a dishwasher, since ours is slowly rusting away down the drain, grabbed a pretzel and then got out of there. All of our kids were a dream, making the excursion very pleasant.

This afternoon we had a lazy time playing and enjoying being together. I am kind of sad that our weekend with Eazy will be coming to an end tomorrow. Mr. Clean and I have a lot of praying to do and some heavy duty chatting. This little man could be a great fit in our family. Besides, could you resist this face?



Jamie said...

Ha, perfect name! Here I'd just asked on fb how it was I know! Can't wait to hear more!!!

Mrs. Sam said...

Those EYES!!! You could call him Dreamy!!!