Monday, December 25, 2006

Welcome to Aduladi World!

This is just really a test to see if I want to make the jump from one blog to another as the host for my current blog has been doing a lot of "updating" and frankly I am quite frustrated! So, if you eventually see more and more written here, well then, "Bob's your uncle!"

Here is the player list for this team of ours...

Mr. Clean - head honcho of the house and general all around great hubby. Nicknamed by my dear friend p31wife due to his shaved head and tall stature (not due to his love of cleaning and disinfection; still waiting for that to kick in!). Pretty amazing guy in my book!

Angel - CFO, teacher, head chef, etc., etc., etc.,

K.Z. - 10 year old, number one son! Lover of all things bug like and gross and destined to be "daddy's little man". He is the spitting image of Mr. Clean (before he adopted the Kojak look) and a bundle of energy.

Xena - 8 year old warrior princess daughter. The baby nicknamed Xena and it fits her personality perfectly. She will either grow up to be Wonder Woman or a contestant on American Idol. My vote is for Wonder Woman although she has a great voice!

C'sa - my baby (okay she is 6 and technically not a baby anymore)! Quite a match for Xena and also a great friend.

Eazy - our super laid back 5 year old who just might grow up to invent something super cool.

Das - "Das Baby".  My heart and soul.  My 2 1/2 year old alpha male. 

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Susie said...

Welcome to the "other side." :o) I'm enjoying the new look of your blog! Hope you're settling in and enjoying yourself!

Smiles and hugs!