Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thirteen Years and Bleh....

Mr. Clean and I had the opportunity to actually head out, ditch the five little ones and go out to a restaurant with cloth napkins and no Happy Meals. It rocked. My friend Elisabeth watched the kids and it would have gone off without a hitch except...

Not long after we left, K.Z. threw up. A couple times. And he did not make it all the way to the bathroom. He had complained that his stomach hurt right before we tucked him into bed (we opted for a late dinner), but he has a sensitive stomach and it bugs him every once in a while. He pretty much never gets sick over it however so he assumed he would drift off to a peaceful sleep.

My friend Elisabeth is a mother and a compassionate human being, but she has one small beautiful little girl, who when hurls, hurls like a small, beautiful little girl. Not like an 8 year old boy who had Bagel Bites for dinner. The woman should win the Nobel Peace Prize for, a) helping clean up my son and his mess, b) not running, screaming from the house and, c) for not wanting to ruin our dinner by calling us.

When we got home, K.Z. was tucked away in his bed, all vomit had been eradicated from my bathroom floor and the towels had been washed. I do believe the woman is a saint. Elisabeth went home probably never wanting to step foot back in our crazy house!! And it did get a little crazier that night as the hurling intensified with C'sa adding to the fun, and neither she or K.Z. sleeping at all last night. I even made a pallet of blankets and pillows for K.Z on the bathroom floor (his) so when he threw up every 20-40 minutes, he did not have to go far. Needless to say, EVERYTHING was washed and sanitized today, including K.Z. and C'sa.

Here in the part that screams with irony. Our house was a mess. The kind of mess that you will not even answer the door for the UPS man in fear that he may catch a glimpse. No worries though, as most of it was delegated to mine and the kids' rooms so it could be safely hidden.

Except that K.Z decided not to puke in HIS bathroom, but mine. Behind the door hiding the many laundry baskets of folded and unfolded clothes waiting to be put away. Behind the door hiding the big box of Christmas wrapping paper spread out on the floor. Behind the door hiding the piles of books on my dresser that have still not been put away. Behind the door hiding the carelessly thrown shower towel and (gasp!) pair on underwear I left on the bathroom floor.

I just about died from embarrassment when I realized that not only did Elisabeth get to clean up vomit from my floor and son, she got to do it amongst all that glory that was my bedroom. Now I know she will never come back!

It humbles me to no end however to have a friend who would be willing to go through all that, and still put our needs first. She did not want to ruin our night out as a couple celebrating our sacred union and was willing to serve us and our son in an amazingly unselfish way.

Thank you Elisabeth.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

13 Years and Counting

This is the ONLY "hair band" song that could, can and still make me tear up. This was our first dance as husband and wife thirteen years ago. You know that Mr. Clean had to have picked it or we would have been jamming to The Brian Setzer Orchestra for our first dance!

This song means more because Mr. Clean had this in mind before he ever met me. This is how he wanted to feel about his wife and apparently I fit the bill. Thank you Mr. Clean for 13 wonderful years...

This was my real pick for our first dance. We used it for the "parent's dance"...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

Merry Christmas from Xena, C'sa, Iggy, Eazy, K.Z.,
Mr. Clean and Angel!

"How Much Do You Have to Hate Someone to Not..."

Many of you know Penn Jillette from the comedy act of Penn and Teller. Many of you know he is an atheist. Listen to this and hear what he has to say, from the viewpoint of an atheist. VERY convicting for a Christian and right from the heart. Pray for him!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I have not yet wrapped a single present. I have not yet baked a single cookie. My house needs straightening. My laundry needs done. My printer ran out of ink so I cannot finish my Christmas cards. My checkbook needs balanced. Yet I am content.

This Christmas is different than the past few. We have two more children and lots more to do, but simply being all here together makes my piles of laundry, unbaked cookies and unwrapped presents not a big deal.

This year there will be no grandparents here on Christmas Day, no rushing around, no need to ever even get dressed Christmas Day and I know that is the way the Lord has arranged it to be. I would have planned it differently, but then I know I would not feel so calm and content right now. Isn't He good?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmastime Is Here

I have finally gotten around to this meme. It looked too fun to pass up. If you do one (or have already done one), let me know, I would love to read it! And I could not resist posting a video of one of the shuffle selections. You will have to see which one!

1: Put your iTunes shuffle on.
2: For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

Here are mine:

Butterfly - Nicole C. Mullen

Going Public - Newsboys

Falling - Pocket Full of Rocks

Intro to 2nd Timothy - NIV version (hmm, maybe I should go read that?)

Jersey Bounce - Benny Goodman

Return to Sender - Elvis

Go West Young Man - Micheal W. Smith

The Engineer's Dying Child - Johnny Cash

WHAT IS 2+2?
Numbers 04 - Zondervan NIV (I am not making that up!!)

Day by Day - dc Talk

So Long, Farewell, Goodbye - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Revelation 13 - Zondervan NIV

Sanctify - Delirious?

Jingle Bell Rock - Bill Haley and the Comets

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes - Cinderella

Flat Foot Floogie - Count Basie

Stupid Cupid - Patsy Cline

Rejoice Greatly - Handel's Messiah

More Lonely Guys - Channelsurfers

They'll Know We are Christians By Our Love - Jars of Clay

Highwayman - Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings

Oye Como Va - Carols Santana

Spousal Communication - Jeff Allen

The West - Peter Kater and R. Carlos Nakai

We Three Kings - Go Fish

Entertaining Angels - Newsboys

Trundrumbalind - Joe Satriani

Mystery Of Grace - 4Him

I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues - Lena Horne

Christmastime Is Here - Sixpence None The Richer

This is one of my all time favorites songs from my childhood.
How often will you hear four talents like these combine?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Straight No Chaser

I love these guys and have one of their older dvds. Last year I posted a silly Christmas song from them, but this year I thought I would post this. Enjoy...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Guilt Trip

I am not a "girly girl". I wear make up and lipstick and like my hair to look good, but when it comes to clothing I do not do the skirt/dress thing that often. I would rather rock a pair of jeans and a really cute shirt. Comfy, but stylish. When I need to look professional or attend a formal event, there are always appropriate slacks to be found. This apparently stresses my youngest daughter.

C'sa IS a girly girl. She occasionally asks me when I am going to wear a dress, to which I try to sweetly assure her I might "someday", while I laugh under my breath. It isn't like I have never worn them, after all I got married in one! But that is not enough for her. The other day she told me (while wearing a Sleeping Beauty gown) that she was going to put on jeans and only wear them so she could be like me. I assured her that she was gorgeous any way she wanted to dress and encouraged her to wear whatever she wanted, especially her dresses.

Tuesday I am speaking at our annual Ladies' Christmas Banquet and frankly, my closet was just boring. So I went shopping (and found a great pair of slacks and a jacket... don't get to excited anyone). The next day C'sa asked me if I bought a dress.

I told her that I did look at dresses (after all, I had to walk past them in the store), but did not see any that I liked. She sighed with the weight of the world on her shoulders. "But did you go to the 'Pretty and Handsome Store'?" she asked, disappointed.

I almost went right back to the "Pretty and Handsome Store" (wherever that is) to buy a dress just to please her. Almost.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How To Fall Off A Horse...

"In the life of every horseman occasions will arise when it is desirable or necessary to leave the saddle in a hurry and without formality. The problem is to achieve the fall without incurring more danger than is involved in staying on the horse. Unfortunately there is very little time to think out, much less apply, any kind of technique. The believers in learning to ride from a book will find themselves particularly handicapped—there is hardly sufficient time to turn to the right page of the manual."

~"How To Fall Off A Horse" (original publication 1962)

Good thing we never bought the book. Last week for her birthday, C'sa was treated by Abbie (Xena's beloved riding instructor) to a saddled ride on a miniature pony. When I say miniature, I am not kidding, This pony, "Dusty" is about three feet tall at his highest point, tops.

She rode him around the ring for quite awhile when K.Z. who was helping to lead her, accidentally kicked one of the jumps with the toe of his shoe, dislodging a pole, causing it to come crashing to the ground. For self preservation, Dusty took off (it is almost funny to see a miniature pony run that fast), leaving a very shaken, but unharmed C'sa on her bum, on the ground. She cried, had a sore bum for a little while but was just fine.

Today was Xena's next lesson. The pony (full size) she normally rides, "Ella", is on stall rest due to a cut on her hock (sounds like I have a clue, huh? I had to look it up when Abbie told me). So she rode a newer pony named, "Tucker". This is a really handsome painted pony. He is very gentle, but a shy horse. Abbie thinks he may not have been well cared for at his last home.

Xena shed her coat, popped on her helmet and did very well on him. Until she decided she was cold. She asked Abbie if she could get her jacket and Abbie brought it to her. Tucker decided that was not cool and got a little nervous. He took off and so did Xena. Right to the ground. Her helmet protected her head when she landed, but her back took the biggest brunt of the fall. Structurally she is fine, but she now knows how "road rash" feels!

My heart just about left my chest as I watched my girl take that tumble, but she was just fine. After a lot of crying and a quick trip to the pediatrician to have her back checked out she was her happy go lucky self again.

She's ready to get, "back in the saddle". Let's hope next time she stays there!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Attack of the "BioDads"

We were sailing along on the foster parent seas with really calm waters behind and ahead. Frankly, Iggy's case has been easy. Today was our 6 month review, where we sit in front of a Master of the Court, listen to the fact that BioMom has done nothing to change the course of our ship and then we leave.

That would have been the case until BioDad number 3 (of 4) walked in. The foster father who has Iggy's three brothers blanched a little. Then Iggy's BioDad walked in. My heart just about stopped. Iggy Sr. has not been in the picture at all. He would not respond to court reviews, requests for services, nothing. He once came to the one and only doctor's appointment that BioMom showed up for, never to been seen again. But officially, in the court's eyes, he has had no involvement. Zero. Zilch. Nada. The waters started to get a bit choppy.

Iggy's BioDad wants a DNA test to prove that Iggy is his son. To what end, we have no clue. He waived his right to counsel in the court room and stated that he had not been around since he was not sure about his paternity status and was waiting "to see". "See what?!", I wanted to jump out of my chair and ask. "To see if a DNA test happens to jump up and bite you on the bum?"

The Master was none too pleased and reminded him that Iggy is constantly growing and changing and attaching to us, so he best not keep waiting if he wants to be considered a resource. The world stopped spinning for me at that moment.

I kept my frustration, fear and tears in check while in the court room, but my eyes could not helping leaking a little when we left. Our adoption case worker saw how upset I was and told us that she does not think anything will change at this point. She is still filing for Termination of Parental Rights and will have the request filed in the next 30 days. The actual hearing will not be for a couple months however.

It took all I had, but I asked BioDad if he would like to carry Iggy as we went to a different floor of the courthouse for the test. He happily took him and was genuinely sweet and interested in him, but all I wanted to do was grab my baby and run as far away as I could. I refrained but gladly took Iggy back as he started to fuss about sitting for the swab test (the case worker had him at this point). So now we have to sit and wait to see the results of the DNA test.

I know there is a reason for this, I know we are doing the right thing by this sweet baby right now in his life, but I just hate this uncertainty.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What A Crock...

I know it can be difficult to not show bias, but as a teacher (paid by our tax dollars), should that not be required? Maybe this teacher missed that NEA seminar. Or maybe they never had one...

Ignore the few seconds in the beginning, it is the right video...

I do not think this North Carolina elementary school teacher was horrible, but her opinions politically should have never been shared with the class (and don't tell me for a second, those kids did not get her "subtle" message). I know as a kid about that age, I had NO clue whatsoever who my teacher was voting for in the elections. Because she had tact and respect for her position. What changed?

This is not a political post, the election is over, Senator Barack Obama will be our next president and deserves our respect and prayers. I posted this only because I thought this teacher was way out of line. Teach about the election process, have "mock elections", teach about the candidates if you desire. Just keep your personal opinions out of it. Our kids do not need your personal garbage (nor blasphemy for that matter). Just teach the basics. Remember reading, writing and math? They certainly could use more of it.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Is NOTHING Sacred Anymore?

When I was a kid Sunday afternoons meant LOTS of football. Throw is a few car and beer commercials and the Washington Redskins and a fire and that was pure bliss for me. I was with my Daddy. Life was good.

Kyle's cousins grew up saturated in sports and love many of them. As kids they watched very little television, unless it was a sporting event. That was kind of a rule in their house. If it was sports you were good to go. I thought that was brilliant and I wanted to adopt that policy in my house. But I can't.

If my kids watch a football game with us we have one hand constantly hovering over the remote. And heaven forbid if Mr. Clean falls asleep on duty, I have had to do Olympic style somersaults to get to the remote before the kids brains are permanently scarred with images of the Viagra guy or scary movie previews. Not to mention the latest "Desperate Housewives" advertisements. I am not quite ready for my little ones to see Eva Longoria in a teddy at 3 in the afternoon. Or ever.

When did football stop being a family presentation and take on the form of a testosterone laden soft p*rn fest? Is it not FOOTBALL?! You know the game that shows men rushing, kicking, and throwing a ball to their endzone? What happened and why was I not consulted?

I miss family football with no ridiculous promos and commercials fit for late late late night television. On cable. That you pay for.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cowboys and Indians, and Pilgrims, and Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

Most of you know that I am fairly conservative in my thought patterns and not really "touchy" about much. There is one thing that bugs me a bit and just might throw me for a brief moment into a "radical category". Then I will go back to normal, I promise!

The whole "Cowboys and Indians" thing really annoys me. Being that my Dad's family is made up of a whole bunch of American Indians (that's as close as "PC" as I can go), it just gets under my skin.

That being said, the kids came home from AWANA last night with an assignment for Thanksgiving. They are going to participate with a bunch of other AWANA clubs to collect canned food for a local food pantry (yeah!) and they are going to dress up as either pilgrims or Indians that night. At first I looked at my sweet little C'sa who has her grandfather's copper skin (in just a lighter undertone) and thought, "Cool. She will look cute if I dress her in Cherokee style". But then I thought a bit longer and probably way over analyzed it, but I thought longer nonetheless.

Indians are broken up into many many tribes and they are all different. I know the characteristics of my own tribe and a couple others, but most Americans know only the "Cigar Store Indian", the "Hollywood Indian" or thanks to Disney, the ridiculously characterized, "Pocahontas" (I won't even get started). So I am anticipating seeing all various forms of pilgrims and Indians that night, all in cute little get-ups taken right from ideas found on the internet.

Here is my issue. If I told you to dress your kid as a black civil rights protester, would you do it? How about dressing up as an Irishman right off the boat, immigrating to New York to escape the Potato Famine? A Chinese Christian? That may sound extreme, but Indians are not just a group of people who interacted with some of the earliest settlers. We are still here, with families, taxes to pay and cultural differences.

I am sure that some of the families at AWANA will have little Pocahontases running around (should they choose to dress as Indians in leiu of pilgrims), and not the Pokanoket Indians the pilgrims encountered. Which technically, if they were really dressing up as Pocohontas, they would have to have their girls topless, which is how the Powhatan tribe dressed their young daughters. Not quite what you would expect for an AWANA setting!).

This whole hang up started for me for the most part when I was in the business world. I grew up in a multi-culteral world, but the only Indians I knew were my own family members. I was excited when I worked with another lady who was mixed like I was. Her mother was a different tribe than my father's, but we had something in common anyway. One Halloween she came to the office dressed in her mother's
full tribal regalia, which is regulated to ceremonies and special occassions (weddings, pow-pows, etc.). I was annoyed and a little saddened that she would parade it around for a costume.

So now I have to decide if I want my kids to go along with the fun (which is what I
know was intended by the leaders who thought this up) or stand firm in my belief that you do not try and dress up as a race of people for an event.

And just a note to the people involved in our AWANA club (if they read this); this is my hang-up, not a "wag of the finger" to you
whatsoever. Just random thoughts from the point of view of the daughter of an Indian (who would probably tell me I am being too sensitive anyway...).

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thank You John Piper

I needed to be reminded of this. Probably more, if McCain were to win than Obama. It is still early on election night. I have no clue what the results will be, but this was a powerful reminder to me of what really matters. I hope you are as blessed by what John Piper has to say as I was.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Lazy

This is really not an epiphany, just a fact I have wanted to hide from for my entire life. I am quite lazy and a little spoiled. I want things to be easy. I want life to be effortless. I want what I see in other moms, yet I do not seem willing to work for what they display in demeanor and attitude.

Here is the catch. I don't really want to be lazy. I just seem too lazy to change my laziness. Still with me? If I could, I would have a chef, a full time tutor for my children and a maid. Throw in the butler for the times I am too lazy to get up to answer the phone. Or better yet, let the maid get the phone so I do not have to get around to hiring the butler.

Yet I love to cook, and dream of meals from scratch with organic and clean whole foods. I love the feeling of satisfaction you get after a long hard day of housework and how great it feels to "just be" in the house you have just cleaned. I LOVE being with my kids and homeschooling them and seeing the ah-ha moments of their learning process. All that being said, I am sabotaging my own desires by my lack of "get up and go" and it is hurting my household.

Today I was Jekyll and Hyde. I woke up with a plan. I was going to have a good and selfless attitude while teaching my kids, sprinkled with a heavy dose of patience. Check! Then we would all do our chores while the birds sang along with our efforts. It rained here today. And the stupid birds never showed. And the kids did not cooperate with chores. And Mommy yelled. Again. And it was all due to my incessant laziness.

I can make my house look like a palace when we have an event or company coming. I run like crazy and get the job done. I am SURE this does not go unnoticed by the offspring. We are not total slobs and do the everyday things, but it is common for the laundry to pile up, the pots to wait a day or two (since they do not go into the dishwasher) and the corners to get very dusty. Shoes will lay unattended for days, ignored by every family member who walks by. I would love to say I mercifully sigh and pick up the shoes, but usually I just kick them out of my way (and half the time they are probably mine).

I have not reflected to the kids the person I want them to become, I take the lazy route and wag my finger at them when they do not listen to my instructions for how they should be. I am a bit ashamed and embarrassed by that fact.

Proverbs 13:4 says, "The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied." I am feeling like that sluggard lately, I want a lot of things, yet have not worked terribly hard to get them while bemoaning the fact I did not succeed. I guess it is time to join the land of the diligent and "go to the ant".

Saturday, October 25, 2008


So far all I have come up with to use as an alias for our little visitor is "E.Z.", but since that can easily be confused for K.Z. (our oldest son), I decided to call him "Eazy" in the blogosphere. Frankly, that's how I would describe him too.

Today we decided to go and visit the "Lego Store" which is about 45 minutes from our house and in a mall (I hate malls). It turned out that it was also "Trick-or-Treat Day" at the same mall so it was really crowded. We checked out the Legos, a dishwasher, since ours is slowly rusting away down the drain, grabbed a pretzel and then got out of there. All of our kids were a dream, making the excursion very pleasant.

This afternoon we had a lazy time playing and enjoying being together. I am kind of sad that our weekend with Eazy will be coming to an end tomorrow. Mr. Clean and I have a lot of praying to do and some heavy duty chatting. This little man could be a great fit in our family. Besides, could you resist this face?


Friday, October 24, 2008

He's Here! He's Here!

We are doing a kind of "respite/trial run" with a 3 year old foster boy who needs a permanent placement. He is in a great foster home now but it is not an adoptive resource and it looks like the case may be heading down that road. So he is hanging with us this weekend.

I have not come up with a "blog identity" for him yet, but one will hit me. When I started blogging a few years ago I decided not to use our real names, but to post photos and entries with nicknames.

Now that I have strong friendships with and much respect for many of you, I want you to know that I continue doing this only because my blog is still accessible to anyone. For those of you that comment often and whose blogs I read, I have no problem sharing other information with you (and you know this if you are on Facebook, LOL!).

So thanks for your prayers and comments on the events of our lives, even if you do not
yet know our names. He knows and we appreciate it! More on possible "foster son #2" (and pictures) tomorrow!

Thankful For Small Glitches

For some unknown reason Blogger was down yesterday just when I was on the edge myself. I needed to vent. So I went to Word and typed there. After the tears, frustration and illogical thought patterns all subsided I reread what I had written. I no longer feel this low, but I decided to post it anyway just in case anyone else ever feels this way. You will get through it!

And yes, the boy is still alive and still in our favor, and no, the boy will not be standing at the bus stop Monday morning waiting for "big yella". On to yesterday...

"Something is just not clicking with my boy. I have been homeschooling him since the beginning (he is now in third grade) and his light bulb has yet to “turn on” when it comes to reading. He reminds me of a halogen bulb that is still warming up, but not quite to its full potential. I know it is there. I apparently have no clue how to cultivate his abilities.

In the beginning I thought it must be my curriculum, or the way I was teaching. If that were the case (and it probably had something to do with it) the girls should be following K.Z.’s footsteps. They are not. Xena is actually surpassing K.Z.’s skills in school at the present. We start school and she zooms through it in 3 hours max. Usually it only takes her about two and I LOVE teaching her. Lately K.Z. has been dragging out his lessons for hours. I am about ready to crack with him.

We joined a cyber charter school last month to get some direction for him and a little more accountability. The curriculum is excellent, the teacher he has been assigned seems very helpful, but I am still in tears by the end of the day with threats of eternal exile in his room, hanging over K.Z’s head. When do I admit defeat?

The only next logical step is brick and mortar school and that thought makes me cry even more. But what if it is the missing link that he needs? The biggest problem is that since he is not on grade level, he would either be held back or put in “special ed” classes to help him catch up. Both would be absolutely belittling to him and frankly, it would set him up to be picked on. Mr. Clean has brought the hammer down however. This is either a benchmark year for him (attitude wise when it comes to school) or he is on the bus. Since private school is not an option financially, he would have no choice but to go to public school.

I am absolutely beside myself with this. We do have great days (yesterday was one of them and this morning was as well, until it crashed and burned this afternoon), but then they are followed by horrible ones where I get nothing accomplished whatsoever at home except for trying to get school done through tears and anger (both mine and his). If our family actually does expand by one more, how does this all balance out?

I do not want to paint K.Z in a bad light. He is a good kid with a type A personality. If he can’t do it perfectly, then he isn’t going to do it at all. Which in turn, starts the flow of tears and anger in both of us. The little ones get neglected and the day goes to pot. I am rambling so my thoughts probably are not terribly coherent, but I had to “vent” a little in a community I felt would understand. Forgive my ranting."

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Filling Up Our Mini Van

Today we had a foster family fall festival at a local pumpkin patch and corn maze. Mr. Clean finally got to meet a little guy I have been fawning over for a couple weeks now. This 3 year old is currently in care in a great foster home, but it looks like he may need a "forever home" and his current foster parents are not looking to adopt, just to foster. The case has not been officially transferred to adoption yet, but it is slated to go that direction.

So now I am in communication with his current foster mom to see when he could come and spend a weekend with us to see how he would feel about, and fit into our crazy household. There is no doubt that he will be scared and being so young he would not quite get what was happening, but it will give us a great chance to get a "gut feeling". I am hoping to be able to do this next weekend.

So if all falls into place we may just have that 5th seat full in the minivan and a very complete family portrait. Pray for this sweet boy and for us!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Paging Our Founders

Although it probably is not necessary for me to state it, most of you know that I am not a Barack Obama supporter. It only has to do with his political position on certain things, as a man and human being, I respect his place in this world.

That being said, I am posting this video because I found it fascinating from a Constitutional stand point. Had it been John McCain I would have posted it as well (equal opportunity blogger!). I know that the people that read my blog are thinkers, and some of you (one of you in particular) has a deep love for the Constitution, as do I.

So watch this video and tell me what you think. Obviously there is a lot behind the scenes and unless we read every court brief and motion on this case we will not know all the details, but the video is a good appetizer.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Roll Call

So I have been blogging now since... hang on while I check my old blog... since March of 2006 and really have been enjoying the outlet. Plus, I get to "meet" amazing people from all over the country (and Canada, eh?). People I would actually want to hang out with if they were not so far away. They account for the tens and tens of readers that I have, and they usually comment semi-regularly.

But according to Statcounter, there have been over 19,000 hits on this blog alone in the past 21 months. Who are you? I am dying to know. I have had people check in from China, the UK, Italy, and even from one of the "Stans", I just cannot remember which one. Now some of these hits are probably just passing through, but many revisit and stay a while. Yet I have no clue who you are.

So give me a shout out in the comment box (including you tens of tens that I know about already) and tell me where you are and who you are, if you are so inclined. If you blog, leave the address. If you don't, just sign in under the "Name/URL" option. I'd love to "meet" you!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Am Procrastinating

I have no clue what is wrong with me lately. I hate, hate, hate, waiting until the ninth hour to get things done, yet it seems to be my norm lately. Case worker is coming? Quick! Clean the house. I am leading the Missions Sunday in Junior Church tomorrow? Uh-Oh, better go and get my things together! We need to leave in a hour and have dinner first? Ugh! Have a sandwich!

It has been like that lately and I do not know why. I have been asked to speak this year at our church's annual Ladies Christmas Banquet. You could have knocked me over with a feather when the invitation was extended, I consider it quite an honor. Once things were set in motion I was on fire writing. For a spell. Then I got a case of, "this cannot be real. I am crazy to think I can pull this off." In the shower I was brilliant, the car, amazing. Doing laundry, the thoughts just flowed. Sitting at the computer? Brain dead.

I managed to fire off a first draft to my pastor's wife whose opinion I really value. It wasn't complete, but the gist was there and her comments helped to reset my "go" button. I requested a deadline for the next draft as I have been so bad at setting my own lately. She asked to see it by Wednesday. I had a million things in my brain last night related to the updated draft that I loved. Today they are not landing. I have been praying that the Lord will guide my words and make them His and I know that He will. I am hoping He plans to do this by Wednesday.

Maybe I need to go do a load of laundry and let the creativity flow.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Those Dirty Dems

This article cracked me up, since this happened in my mother's neck of the woods and the fact that they stole not only political signs, but someone's mums! If they hadn't caught the capers, I would have sworn it was a Democrat housewife!

It is ironic to me that those rooting for the "party of choice" do not want Republicans to have the
choice to choose yard signs that do not support the Democrat candidate. It makes sense though, had it been a Republican stealing the signs, he would have called it a merger and acquisition!

Happy Friday and know I mean no offense to the Dems that I love, this article just had me laughing, as we have had a huge problem with Republican yard signs getting stolen in my county as well...

XXXXBURG, PA, Friday, Oct. 10 -- XXXXburg police arrested two people Thursday morning in connection with the theft of 23 political signs from yards in the borough and surrounding area.

Police charged Philip M. XXXX, 19, XXXXburg, with driving under the influence and possession of drug paraphernalia. Valerie XXXX, 20, 1864 Address Road, was a passenger in the vehicle and was charged with underage consumption.

Police said in a release that an officer in an unmarked vehicle observed suspicious activity in the area of E. XXXX Street and Address Avenue around 2 a.m. The vehicle that the officer was watching went south on XXXXbrook Avenue at a high rate of speed. Police located the vehicle at the Sheetz on Wayne Avenue and made contact with the subjects.

During the course of the investigation, police determined that the two had stolen 23 political signs and two mums from numerous yards. Police said that 22 of the signs were for John McCain, with the other being for (local Republican). The signs are believed to be from the borough and the (local neighborhood) area.

Police said that further charges for theft are pending.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Art of Patience

I must admit that I am not particularly patient by design. I am not ridiculously impatient, I just hate dragging things out. Being a foster parent cures you of that quickly. Over 48 hours ago our brand spankin' new adoption case worker (new to us, not to her job) met with Iggy's BioMom and possibly BioDad to discuss the fact that the County was moving forward with adoption and they could either give consent or have their parental rights involuntarily terminated. I have no clue what happened in that meeting and I have to say, it is killing me.

Tonight I had to go to a mandatory annual meeting of all the foster parents in our county. The first subject on the agenda was adoption. The adoption supervisor went over all the legalities and made the statement that they always try and convince the parents to consent to adoption as that makes thier jobs substantally easier in the long run, and that parents you would never think would sign are often the ones that do, once they realize that this is the best situation for their child(ren). Let's hope that our case worker is convincing...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Yesterday I used my blog to write about the famous original Mr. Clean's death (not my own shaven sweetie, whom I lovingly refer to as Mr. Clean). I knew all day it was the 7 th of the month. I knew all day that my little man was now nine months old, yet I did nothing to honor that. They should take away my mother license.

So, happy 9 months Iggy boy! It has been amazing and I pray that we have many more years with you around!

Just an Iggy update: Last week the adoption worker came to meet us and Iggy, along with our case worker. She sees the case going easily and more than likely by this time next year he will be legally a part of the Mr. Clean clan.

She had a meeting with BioMom and possibly BioDad (I do not know if he showed up and seriously doubt it) yesterday although I have not heard the outcome of that meeting. The adoption case worker was going to lay it down for them and let them know that she was pushing this case through to adoption. They could either sign their parental rights away and have the kids permanently placed sooner or she was going to take them to court and have a judge do it. Stay tuned to find out what happened. When I know, you will know, but I am not betting on the fact BioMom signed. Afterall, if I were in her shoes, I wouldn't have.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Saying Goodbye To The Real Mr. Clean

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- House Peters Jr., a TV actor who became the original Mr. Clean in Procter & Gamble's commercials for household cleaners, died Wednesday. He was 92.

Peters died of pneumonia at the Motion Picture and Television Fund Hospital in Los Angeles, said his son, Jon Peters.

The elder Peters' most memorable role came as Mr. Clean -- a muscular man with a bald head, a hoop earring and a no-nonsense attitude toward dirt and grime. From the late 1950s and into the early 1960s, Peters Jr. helped advertise the famous household cleaner with the trademark jingle, "Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean."

Peters Jr. played many supporting roles through his career, including working with Roy Rogers and Gene Autry on their television shows. He also appeared in "Perry Mason," "Gunsmoke," "The Twilight Zone" and "Lassie."

"He always played the heavy," Jon Peters said, referring to his father's customary roles as a villain or brawny character. "Even though he wasn't happy about being cast in those roles, he worked really hard at it."

His father's acting career spanned 1935-1967, according to his Web site. He also wrote an autobiography, "Another Side of Hollywood," in which he describes growing up the son of an actress and silent film actor in Beverly Hills. His father, Robert House Peters Sr., has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Peters Jr. was never a leading man, but played many character parts in cowboy movies and won a Golden Boot Award in 2000 for his lifetime contributions to the western genre, his son said.

Peters Jr. was born January 12, 1916, in New Rochelle, New York, as Robert House Peters Jr. His son said Peters Jr. studied drama in high school and became inspired to pursue an acting career.

He also is survived by his wife, Lucy Pickett, a daughter, another son and four grandchildren.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

No Choice in these Grand United States, Unless of Course You Agree...

For me this has much less to do with the issue at hand, but more to do with my parental rights. I am an American parent and I refuse to give away my right to raise my children morally to the State. Watch this family's story, regardless of your opinion on the issue. It is disturbing and a very real reminder why I want to keep my children close at hand. When did Kindergarten stop being just about colors and the alphabet?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Scary, But Foreseeable

Remember people, this is not just a presidential election year. Do your homework on the people "behind the scenes"...

Check out Dave Ramsey's solution to this problem. Only 50 billion would be spent his way verses 700 billion. Maybe he should be our write in candidate!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cause For Pause

I was at a friend's house last night chatting with her about K.Z.'s upcoming two hour doctor appointment when she asked me why it would be so long. Then I said the magic words, "Binocular Vision".

"Who is he going to see?" she inquired, and grimaced when I told her the doctor's name.

"We have been through that vision therapy program with him", was her reply and we got into a lengthy discussion about just how many people we knew that had their kids recommended for the same tests and process. Her insurance did not cover it and she spent $3000 in total and her daughter was none the better for it (she and K.Z. have the same reading issues). She did acknowledge that there had been a lot of people she knew that it was successful for, but the cookie cutter approach did not make sense to her.

So that gave me enough reason to slow way down with this process and wait for a few more months. With a new curriculum and a new set or specks, maybe that will be all K.Z. will need. Maybe not, but at least that will give me the time to get a second opinion.

Today I had my little man read two chapters to me of a book he has for school and he basically flew right through it. Maybe I just need to give him time to grow into his abilities.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Daddy Date Day

Due to the fact we have 4 children under our roof, it is sometimes hard to give everyone everything they need all at the same time. We committed long ago that we would have dates with our kids and take them out individually as often as we could to form special memories and foster the bonds that we have with them. Mr. Clean got a double dose today...

Our church hosted a Daddy / Daughter Day at a local climbing club. Xena just made the age cut off and was thrilled to go with Daddy and climb...

Our dear friend Stuart was along with his daughter as well so Xena did not have to hold Mr. Clean's line, luckily for Mr. Clean.

Thursday I got an e-mail from our case worker offering free tickets to any foster parent who wanted them for a "Monster Truck Show" being held at our local indoor arena. We jumped at the opportunity to throw in another date...

What would make a boy smile this big? A monster truck of course...

The day was long but fun for everyone involved, but provided such amazing memories and great one on one Dad time.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just A Little Added Stress

K.Z. had his annual eye doctor appointment today which I remembered about and scheduled two days ago. Not enough time to secure a sitter for four children so we all marched off together (at nap time nonetheless) for K.Z.'s 14:00 hours appointment.

Everyone did well initially until Iggy decided he was tired of the stroller. I held him in the tiny exam room we were stuffed into while trying to keep him quiet enough that K.Z. could actually hear what the doctor was saying. An hour and a half later we wound up needed an updated pair of specs for the boy and a mini conference with Mom.

The doctor believes that K.Z. has
Binocular Vision Disorder, which to me sounded like a cool superhero super power, until he said "disorder".

Apparently symptoms can be headaches, blurred vision, double vision, sleepiness and if reading, trouble remembering what was read, the need to re-read the same line of words, frequent loss of place, general inability to concentrate and short attention span. This describes K.Z. to a tee. We have been banging our heads against a brick wall trying to figure out why while he enjoys reading one day, the next he, "can't do it". We all have been frustrated (and some of us in tears).

So now he has to go and be tested for over two hours to see if the diagnosis is correct and the "best" part is that two of the crucial tests in the series are not covered by insurance. To the tune of about $300.00. Now I would sell my house and live in a van down by the river for my children's health if I had to, but this also includes a probability of 9 months in therapy twice a week. It may require a co-pay each visit. I was a bit nauseous when I left.

Next steps: Find someone to watch the three other kidlets during this two hour test in two weeks. Pray for the strength and funds to get through the entire process if necessary. Praise God for revealing the reason for K.Z.'s struggles. Throw Up. Cry.

Simple Curiosity

I am posting this here only because I am curious to know if this will actually happen. Again, this is in no way a political blog, so we will call today's post a homeschool political experiment.

Here is the theory (not mine, I cannot properly credit this particular writing although I have heard the rumblings elsewhere). Let's wait and see the results...

"On or about October 5th, Biden will excuse himself from the ticket, citing health problems, and he will be replaced by Hillary Clinton.

This is intentionally timed to occur after the VP debate on 10/2.

I have already seen a few short preparatory blurbs about this - the "health problem" cited in those articles is an aneurysm. Probably many of you have heard the same rumblings. However, at this point, with this inside info from the DNC, it looks like this Obama strategy will be a go.

From that date of October 5th, there will be 5 short weeks of campaigning left. The obvious intent would be "Shock and Awe"….to explode Democrat enthusiasm and create a 5 week momentum to election day while the Republicans are unprepared, shocked and paralyzed, without time to even catch our breath while we waste precious time debating if the Dem's can even legally manipulate it to begin with. We already know that the Democrats would have full enthusiastic cooperation from the media to help create 5 weeks of hysteria, smoke and mirrors. Then suddenly we wake up on November 5th and read that our two worst nightmares are in place to desecrate the United States of America for the next 4+ years. The stage is set for this folks.

Some Republicans are suggesting that a good strategy is to get out in front of this Obama maneuver, spell it out in detail, and thereby expose it for the grand manipulation that it is.

Either way, our first strategy is simply to be prepared for ANYTHING during these next two months. I mean, literally anything; any kind of media stunt or extreme manipulations. We already know they have the cash to tie up a near monopoly of the available advertisement space and time during the last few weeks. Most importantly be prepared not to be too surprised or paralyzed into ineffective scrambling for the appropriate responses."

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Unthinkable? Not so much...

I have gone and done it and I fear that all the denim jumper wearing homeschoolers of the planet will come over and smack me, but I am quite content with what I have done.

We entered the world of cyber school. The free, tax payer funded type. Gasp now, get it over with and then read on. I will tell you why...

I love, love, love the idea of a classical education and having been trying to do that for almost four years now. First I used Sonlight and got the boxed curriculum with the teacher's guides and really liked them. I would have liked them more if they had been on a disc and "clickable" (like Homeschool Tracker, but with all of Sonlight's curriculum pre-loaded). I would have stuck with it more if each year was not progressively more and more expensive. I love that curriculum, but I hated the steep price.

Then I put together my own. I got all the best of each subject and formed them into one school day. I loved it. I still love it and am quite hesitant to not use my own curriculum, but I am a gal that needs some sort of accountability and can slip into a lazy zone, with an attitude of, "they're doing fine! We will get to that book/project/lesson tomorrow".

On the flip side I am also a gal that likes all my ducks in a row. Check off the list and make sure that tomorrow's list is ready! It's a lot easier when someone else is double checking your list. That is kind of where I am right now. I had to put my, "Why We Homeschool" criteria in a real order and see what was most important to me.

I usually tell people that we homeschool to give our children a Christ based, classical education, and that is all true. But I hesitate to give the number one answer. Frankly, I have no desire for my kids to emulate the traits I see in LOTS of brick and mortar school children. They probably would not appreciate that, since most people curious as to why we homeschool have young ones in school.

But mainly, I want them to have the best possible education possible, and in this day and age I do not see that happening in a class room of thirty that one poor teacher has to teach with no authority to do much of anything (regarding discipline, etc.) with students that know it. Each kid is different and a cookie cutter education tends to leave some far behind. So for those two and various other reasons, we homeschool. Yet K.Z. is not the student I know that he can be. I think we both need more structure.

When I was a kid learning came very easy for me. I was taught something, I mastered it quickly, got bored repeating it and got excited when we moved on. I erroneously assumed that would be the case for each of my kids as well. When we started homeschooling and K.Z. hadn't mastered reading while potty training I changed my approach. Obviously I was doing something wrong. Then Xena started school and is an exact replica of me as a child, learning wise. Two kids, two different styles. Hmmm, what a concept. Who'd a thunk it?

So I am delving into a new educational world and excited to see what may happen with a bit more structure and accountability. I had a lot of misconceptions when I started journeying down this path that were soon squashed by some research. Hopefully this will prove fruitful.

There are the well meaning people that tell me that K.Z. is still young and that what he has fallen behind on he will catch up fast, as boys learn slower than girls in a lot of cases. I believe that, I know it is true, but I am not willing to risk him missing something fundamental just to prove that theory. So I am handing over a small portion of the reins and letting a professional come in and help me derive the best curriculum plan for him.

Pray for me. This does not come easy for me.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


"Guess who is winning the Miami - New England game?", Mr. Clean, a life long Miami fan, asked Zach excitedly.

"The Redskins?" K.Z. replied.

I think we need to explain this football thing a little better. At least the boy has been brainwashed enough by Momma to know the ultimate answer.

Hail to the Redskins, even if they aren't the third team in the Dolphins - Patriots game.


You are amazing and I adore you Mr. Clean.
Have a wonderful birthday, no matter how hectic!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

If only...

On the way to soccer practice tonight, K.Z. proclaimed, "Mom, if Adam hadn't sinned there wouldn't be any mushrooms."

Not totally befuddled, as K.Z. will sometimes show up completely out of left field in a conversation, I probed deeper, "What makes you say that?"

"Well, Dad said that it is because Adam sinned that we have weeds and a mushroom is like a weed, so it's Adam's fault", he replied.

I had to smile a bit at that logic since I abhor mushrooms. Amen Brother. Amen.

Oh Happy Day...

I just heard from Iggy's foster care case worker that the case has officially been assigned to an adoption case worker. This is only the beginning of a very long road and nothing is guaranteed until this boy legally has our last name, but it sure is heading in the right direction!

I guess I better start scrubbing, I have a new case worker to dazzle!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Big Decision To Make

Mr. Clean and I decided when we started this whole foster journey that our limit would be two children, as we have our own three. Our 8 month old foster son Iggy has been firmly planted in our world since he was 3 days old. There is no doubt whatsoever that we want to keep him forever and we hope to adopt him. That leaves one open spot in the car.

A few weeks ago I received a call from our case worker about a little boy (just turned 3) who was currently in a great foster home but he more than likely would be heading to adoption. His current foster parents are not an adoptive resource and he needs to be placed in a foster home that he would never have to leave. The situation tugged on my heart strings, especially after having "John and Jay" with us temporarily. And this is only one boy.

We went for a play date to meet this little guy today and he is a sweetie. He is attached to the other foster child in the home and sees him as his brother as well as his foster family. Any move on him will be difficult.

Pray for this little guy regardless if we decide to bring him to live with us or not. And pray for us as we make this decision.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Please Forgive Me

This is in NO way a political blog and quite frankly, I usually try and keep my head firmly in the sand around election time, lest I go insane with the barrage of political ads, cartoons, talking heads, etc. This I could not pass up.

Tomorrow I promise to put my head back in the sand. Probably...

Friday, September 12, 2008

This Is A Hoot

I guess Obama's writers work for The Washington Post. Or maybe they just steal from it...

Obama's statement on 9/9/08:

"Watch out, George Bush, except for economic policy, health care policy, tax policy, education policy, foreign policy and Karl Rove-style politics – we're really going to shake things up in Washington!' That's not change ... you know, you can put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig."

Washington Post cartoon from 4 days earlier...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quite Appropriate For Today

I snagged this from my friend Jamie. When will we start listening to the ones who are actually defending us? I do not know who this soldier is (Marine, sailor, airman?), but I wish I could thank him in person. It is short, so watch it until the end...

We Remember You...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Doing The Happy Dance

I made sure to pull the curtains first and then happily danced around the office (which technically is our formal living room, but I love saying I have an "office") in celebration the other night. I now have another RSS feeder, thanks to Mr. Clean getting annoyed at my constant whining about the failure of the old one and the evils of Firefox (which I actually love).

So "phhhhh" on you Firefox (just kidding, I love you Firefox, it's all for show), I went with a Google reader instead (and then I used a Firefox add-on to track it; see I still love you Firefox...). So there!

Blog away bloggers, I missed you and now I will once again be able to happily stalk track you.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A True Amurikan Girl

This morning, C'sa came to me and asked, "How do you say 'hello' in Spanish?"

"Hola", I replied.

A minute later she was back, face all bright and shiny, "Hola!" she exclaimed.

"Hola! ¿QuĂ© tal?", I replied.

She blinked, completely blank and replied in true American fashion, "Si!"

"Wow, What Great Tan!"

These words were uttered this summer about Iggy, quite in jest, as his melanin is a bit more pronounced than ours. I was in no way offended as the person was simply admiring his beautiful coppery caramel skin tone, but it got me thinking.

If it is in the Lord's plan for us to adopt Iggy we will probably be faced with this topic again. We have already faced several curious questions about where he is "from" (I would love to reply and say, "a uterus", but I have not gotten up the nerve. Yet.), what his nationality is, and what race he is.

They are all valid questions and nothing by which to be annoyed. Frankly, none of us in this little clan have the same skin tone. Xena looks like she stepped off a Viking ship, C'sa has a lighter, but similar copper shade of my father's skin, K.Z. is one big freckle, Mr. Clean is the captain of Xena's viking ship, with ruddy, sea tanned skin, while I am a crazy cross of an Indian father and a blonde mother, leaving me with dark hair and pale skin. We are all different.

But we are all the same as well. If we do adopt him (and we see it this way now anyway), we will be a family. First and foremost. All creations of the Lord and all a part of the Mr. Clean clan. We do not focus on a daily basis that our skin is a different hue or that Mr. Clean's Danish, German and Canadian genes are vastly different from my own Cherokee, Scot and English ones. Nor that Iggy's Latino genes are different from my own. I will be (am) Iggy's mother and that is all that will matter.

Don't get me wrong. I am not so naive to think that his genetics and heritage will not be important to him later. We all go through a period of wondering where we are from, what our ancestors did and who they were. I myself am thoroughly intrigued my own genealogy and we will do our best to help foster any interests he may have in that. We will not however, allow it to be his "idol". Culturally, my Iggy will be an American. After all, he was born in Pennsylvania. Home of the first Capitol City and where our country was officially "born". How more American can you get? Beside perhaps, eating apple pie while watching baseball?

I am proud of my heritage, but I decided long ago not to wear it as a badge of honor. Besides, carrying bag pipes and a peace pipe, all while wearing a buck skin kilt would be tough while doing the dishes and changing diapers. It's the same for Mr. Clean. Imagine our kids in the same scenario, except they'd have to wave St. Andrew's Cross, Union Jack, the Maple Leaf, Schwarz-Rot-Gold, Dannebrog and Old Glory, while balancing the Seal of the Cherokee Nation. It' s a heavy load to bear. Pride is one thing, obsession another. So we wrap it all up in a nice neat package and hang it on a peg hook. Underneath the Cross.

The fact of the matter is that while we are now a global society, we all still have allegences. To our God, to our countries and to our families. That comes long before our skin tones. I am just thrilled to be a part of such a diverse family. An American family.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Resistance Is Futile

If you do not find this absolutely ridiculous, no matter what side of the argument you are on, please come on over and let me school ya. Teachers being intimidated by a 15 year old's questions? Hmmm. Shouldn't students be able to ask questions?

If evolution is absolute, then why dear teacher can you not slam dunk these questions? Yep, we are sending our 15 year old evil children into the schools to ask you hard questions, but then again, we're right. Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Could Just Cry

I am moderately technologically literate. I can figure things out on my computer and online if I pot around for a while. So I was REALLY proud of myself for getting all my favorite blogs on a RSS feed with a nice little counter that kept track of them and a simple button to click on to see all of them. Something happened...

I do not know what exactly, but my little link is gone and I can no longer have instant access to all the blogs I like to check in on. I am blaming all on Firefox, for it cannot be MY fault. So if I am quiet on comments lately, please forgive me. I guess I have to rebuild it.... ugh.

Friday, September 5, 2008

"Mini Me" Has Completed Her Transformation

Yesterday we went to take Xena's cast off and all was right with the world. I even got great shots of her at the doctor's office, but alas, I cannot share them with you since I forgot the bleeping media card was NOT in the camera. I assure you however, the photos were most excellent.

On the way out we got to walk through an enclosed bridge from the doctor's office to the parking garage where I spotted a spider hanging out on the wall. Deciding that since we were on neutral territory (not outside in the spider's environment nor in my house), I would not stomp poor Charlotte or run screaming in terror. I decided to act like an adult (one who can tolerate spiders).

I called the children over to check out the spider and K.Z. was the first there and got about an inch from her (him? it?). I was waiting for the arachnid to pounce on his glasses. I mean after all, the boy got close! Xena, more cautious, came to look but kept a good distance. I turned to attend to Iggy and the stroller when I heard Xena exclaim, "Cccc'sssaaaa!"

I turned in time to see my precious 4 year old carbon copy, grind her foot into the ground. She apparently kicked the poor spider off the wall and proceeded to obliterated it with her shoe.

"Why did you kill the spider C'sa", I asked stiffling a laugh.

"Because I did not like it", was her simple reply.

A woman passing by applauded her. Watch out world. She has kid size 10 1/2 Sketchers and she knows how to use them. I was so proud.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Must Keep Muttering....

"The Lord's timing is perfect, the Lord's timing is perfect..."

I know this is true, but I want it NOW!! Iggy's case is "this close" to being transferred to the adoption unit (where the process to terminate parental rights will begin), except that someone had the nerve to go on vacation, halting the process until next week at the earliest when she returns.


Just knowing that it is so close yet not quite there yet is killing me.

It's Not Really Monday...

In my brain it is Monday. Probably because Mr. Clean took an extra vacation day off yesterday and stayed home. Now my week is all discombobulated. So I am still pretending it is Monday. In my brain it is just easier that way...

Last week our friend Derrick suffered the death of his very young wife and we are still reeling from it. Derrick and Amy had only been married just over a year and a half and were in their early 20's. So far there is no explanation of her death. She was not feeling well and went to lay down. Derrick found her unconscious later and she never woke up. She died soon after. Needless to day, Derrick is devastated.

Derrick served for a while as the worship leader at our church before obtaining a full time ministry position in New Hampshire and relocating with his new bride. Amy had grown up in PA and her family are members of our congregation. Her death has deeply affected two families, two churches and their many friends.

Since we were in New York I missed Sunday's services after Amy's death but I was told that our Pastor scrapped his planned sermon and addressed death in the body of believers. I have not had a chance to download the sermon, but I will try and listen today. I have heard it was excellent.

What impressed me the most was the fact that our pastor and his wife got in their car and headed to New Hampshire for the services on Monday and Tuesday. Out of all the funerals I have been to, I have rarely seen a former pastor make more than a brief appearance at the wake, and that was if he was a local pastor. Not to clap too loudly, as I think our pastor did the right thing, but no one would have blinked had he simply sent his regards from afar.

This is one of the passages that he preached on this past Sunday. It certainly gives you something to chew on...

The righteous perish,
and no one ponders it in his heart;
devout men are taken away,
and no one understands
that the righteous are taken away
to be spared from evil.

Those who walk uprightly
enter into peace;
they find rest as they lie in death.

Isaiah 57:1-2