Friday, October 10, 2008

Those Dirty Dems

This article cracked me up, since this happened in my mother's neck of the woods and the fact that they stole not only political signs, but someone's mums! If they hadn't caught the capers, I would have sworn it was a Democrat housewife!

It is ironic to me that those rooting for the "party of choice" do not want Republicans to have the
choice to choose yard signs that do not support the Democrat candidate. It makes sense though, had it been a Republican stealing the signs, he would have called it a merger and acquisition!

Happy Friday and know I mean no offense to the Dems that I love, this article just had me laughing, as we have had a huge problem with Republican yard signs getting stolen in my county as well...

XXXXBURG, PA, Friday, Oct. 10 -- XXXXburg police arrested two people Thursday morning in connection with the theft of 23 political signs from yards in the borough and surrounding area.

Police charged Philip M. XXXX, 19, XXXXburg, with driving under the influence and possession of drug paraphernalia. Valerie XXXX, 20, 1864 Address Road, was a passenger in the vehicle and was charged with underage consumption.

Police said in a release that an officer in an unmarked vehicle observed suspicious activity in the area of E. XXXX Street and Address Avenue around 2 a.m. The vehicle that the officer was watching went south on XXXXbrook Avenue at a high rate of speed. Police located the vehicle at the Sheetz on Wayne Avenue and made contact with the subjects.

During the course of the investigation, police determined that the two had stolen 23 political signs and two mums from numerous yards. Police said that 22 of the signs were for John McCain, with the other being for (local Republican). The signs are believed to be from the borough and the (local neighborhood) area.

Police said that further charges for theft are pending.

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