Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Art of Patience

I must admit that I am not particularly patient by design. I am not ridiculously impatient, I just hate dragging things out. Being a foster parent cures you of that quickly. Over 48 hours ago our brand spankin' new adoption case worker (new to us, not to her job) met with Iggy's BioMom and possibly BioDad to discuss the fact that the County was moving forward with adoption and they could either give consent or have their parental rights involuntarily terminated. I have no clue what happened in that meeting and I have to say, it is killing me.

Tonight I had to go to a mandatory annual meeting of all the foster parents in our county. The first subject on the agenda was adoption. The adoption supervisor went over all the legalities and made the statement that they always try and convince the parents to consent to adoption as that makes thier jobs substantally easier in the long run, and that parents you would never think would sign are often the ones that do, once they realize that this is the best situation for their child(ren). Let's hope that our case worker is convincing...

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Luke said...

Oh my, yes. I hate when things don't "just work out" right away. Adoption has been a trial, and it's still going.

May things work out well, and soon.