Friday, September 5, 2008

"Mini Me" Has Completed Her Transformation

Yesterday we went to take Xena's cast off and all was right with the world. I even got great shots of her at the doctor's office, but alas, I cannot share them with you since I forgot the bleeping media card was NOT in the camera. I assure you however, the photos were most excellent.

On the way out we got to walk through an enclosed bridge from the doctor's office to the parking garage where I spotted a spider hanging out on the wall. Deciding that since we were on neutral territory (not outside in the spider's environment nor in my house), I would not stomp poor Charlotte or run screaming in terror. I decided to act like an adult (one who can tolerate spiders).

I called the children over to check out the spider and K.Z. was the first there and got about an inch from her (him? it?). I was waiting for the arachnid to pounce on his glasses. I mean after all, the boy got close! Xena, more cautious, came to look but kept a good distance. I turned to attend to Iggy and the stroller when I heard Xena exclaim, "Cccc'sssaaaa!"

I turned in time to see my precious 4 year old carbon copy, grind her foot into the ground. She apparently kicked the poor spider off the wall and proceeded to obliterated it with her shoe.

"Why did you kill the spider C'sa", I asked stiffling a laugh.

"Because I did not like it", was her simple reply.

A woman passing by applauded her. Watch out world. She has kid size 10 1/2 Sketchers and she knows how to use them. I was so proud.


Mrs. Sam said...

I know God doesn't make mistakes, but spiders just freak me out...hear me loudly applauding all the way from's not's really me!

amy said...

Carisa is now my personal hero. Spiders totally freak me out and I'm forever making Dave remove them from the house.... they just have too many legs.... she can come up here anytime and be my spider killer. And I love her justification "Because I did not like it"..... if only all of life was that simple!