Saturday, October 18, 2008

Filling Up Our Mini Van

Today we had a foster family fall festival at a local pumpkin patch and corn maze. Mr. Clean finally got to meet a little guy I have been fawning over for a couple weeks now. This 3 year old is currently in care in a great foster home, but it looks like he may need a "forever home" and his current foster parents are not looking to adopt, just to foster. The case has not been officially transferred to adoption yet, but it is slated to go that direction.

So now I am in communication with his current foster mom to see when he could come and spend a weekend with us to see how he would feel about, and fit into our crazy household. There is no doubt that he will be scared and being so young he would not quite get what was happening, but it will give us a great chance to get a "gut feeling". I am hoping to be able to do this next weekend.

So if all falls into place we may just have that 5th seat full in the minivan and a very complete family portrait. Pray for this sweet boy and for us!


Jamie said...

I'll be praying!!! How exciting!

TheTutor said...

Goodness! How wonderful! We'll be praying for you all!

Melissa B (from Mom's Club) said...

Congrats! I just stopped in to read for the first time in months :( Been crazy busy around here, and we're moving next mont. Anyway, thought I'd send my best wishes. I've gotta know too - how are you gonna arrange the car seats? I've been dreaming of adding a fourth but don't want to have to put my second bucket seat back in the middle of the van :P What kind of seats are you using to get three boosters/car seats across the back?? Do tell, do tell!! :)