Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Guilt Trip

I am not a "girly girl". I wear make up and lipstick and like my hair to look good, but when it comes to clothing I do not do the skirt/dress thing that often. I would rather rock a pair of jeans and a really cute shirt. Comfy, but stylish. When I need to look professional or attend a formal event, there are always appropriate slacks to be found. This apparently stresses my youngest daughter.

C'sa IS a girly girl. She occasionally asks me when I am going to wear a dress, to which I try to sweetly assure her I might "someday", while I laugh under my breath. It isn't like I have never worn them, after all I got married in one! But that is not enough for her. The other day she told me (while wearing a Sleeping Beauty gown) that she was going to put on jeans and only wear them so she could be like me. I assured her that she was gorgeous any way she wanted to dress and encouraged her to wear whatever she wanted, especially her dresses.

Tuesday I am speaking at our annual Ladies' Christmas Banquet and frankly, my closet was just boring. So I went shopping (and found a great pair of slacks and a jacket... don't get to excited anyone). The next day C'sa asked me if I bought a dress.

I told her that I did look at dresses (after all, I had to walk past them in the store), but did not see any that I liked. She sighed with the weight of the world on her shoulders. "But did you go to the 'Pretty and Handsome Store'?" she asked, disappointed.

I almost went right back to the "Pretty and Handsome Store" (wherever that is) to buy a dress just to please her. Almost.


Mrs. Sam said...

This made me giggle because although I'm very much a girlie girl (sparkle is my favorite colour) I haven't worn skirts or dressed since I was a teenager. I have shall I say, meaty legs and have not felt like bareing them to the world. But something happened to me this summer. I tried on a skirt and liked it. Then I tried another and another and another and finally, I now have a collection. And 1 dress. Now, I love skirts. Freedom! I'm 40 and I just don't care if someone has something to say about my legs...they hold me up, they can run a 5K and they are God's perfect workmanship. And He doesn't make mistakes. So now, I wear skirts whenever I can, and love it. It has to be the 'right' skirt, not any old one will do, but a skirt and a kickin pair of shoes and wow, I think I'm looking alright, and if I'm not, my agent (my daughter who's 14 and has an opinion) will let me know. I encourage you to try a few skirts. Dress up before you go shopping, hair and great lipstick and a nice shirt and a pair of shoes you love, then go and have fun in a store with loads of skirts till you find one you love and who cares what the number says on the tag...I'm not a number! Take your daughter and have some fun. She'll be honest if she's a girlie girl! And she'll become your most valuable wardrobe assistant. :) Embrase the inner skirt!

Susie said...

She just cracks me up, Angel!! Gotta love the way this one thinks! :o)

Anonymous said...

You just can't change who you are. You HATED dresses when you were 1 years old. I was happy you wore a dress when Roland and I got married. Thank God, women are no longer required to wear dresses if they go out (yes I am that old). My high school class was the first to get permission from the school board to change the dress code. It was in 1969 or 70. I can't remember which year. I just started to wear slacks to church a couple years ago. Old teachings die hard. You keep your jeans, let C'sa keep her twirling skirts and all will be right in your world. Love you, Mom