Saturday, November 8, 2008

Is NOTHING Sacred Anymore?

When I was a kid Sunday afternoons meant LOTS of football. Throw is a few car and beer commercials and the Washington Redskins and a fire and that was pure bliss for me. I was with my Daddy. Life was good.

Kyle's cousins grew up saturated in sports and love many of them. As kids they watched very little television, unless it was a sporting event. That was kind of a rule in their house. If it was sports you were good to go. I thought that was brilliant and I wanted to adopt that policy in my house. But I can't.

If my kids watch a football game with us we have one hand constantly hovering over the remote. And heaven forbid if Mr. Clean falls asleep on duty, I have had to do Olympic style somersaults to get to the remote before the kids brains are permanently scarred with images of the Viagra guy or scary movie previews. Not to mention the latest "Desperate Housewives" advertisements. I am not quite ready for my little ones to see Eva Longoria in a teddy at 3 in the afternoon. Or ever.

When did football stop being a family presentation and take on the form of a testosterone laden soft p*rn fest? Is it not FOOTBALL?! You know the game that shows men rushing, kicking, and throwing a ball to their endzone? What happened and why was I not consulted?

I miss family football with no ridiculous promos and commercials fit for late late late night television. On cable. That you pay for.

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Luke said...

I don't watch much TV, so I can't comment there. But what boggles my mind are the "This Preview is Appropriate for All Ages" right before a horror flick trailer or some latest sex-laden film. Come on: How is that appropriate for a four year old? If my wife can't even handle the trailer because it's too scary, it probably isn't appropriate for "all ages," my friends.

[shakes head] This world is odd sometimes.