Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Could Just Cry

I am moderately technologically literate. I can figure things out on my computer and online if I pot around for a while. So I was REALLY proud of myself for getting all my favorite blogs on a RSS feed with a nice little counter that kept track of them and a simple button to click on to see all of them. Something happened...

I do not know what exactly, but my little link is gone and I can no longer have instant access to all the blogs I like to check in on. I am blaming all on Firefox, for it cannot be MY fault. So if I am quiet on comments lately, please forgive me. I guess I have to rebuild it.... ugh.


Jamie said...

Well girl you better get right on it...we miss your comments;) Just kidding...we do miss you but its no big deal!

TheTutor said...

Did you recently upgrade to Firefox 3? If you did, then you are probably right... it is all Firefox's fault.

I've had a bunch of annoying, relatively small problems since upgrading to Firefox 3, and I know a lot of others have complained about problems as well. For instance, it always marks contractions as spelled incorrectly. I also can't view the WTM message boards properly any more, and my McAfee Site Advisor isn't working on Google anymore. Nothing earth-shattering (although I could link to a flagged website since my McAfee thing isn't working), but annoying nonetheless.