Saturday, March 17, 2007

Go Go Speed Racer!

Today was the District Pinewood Derby Race car finals for our area Cub Scouts. All the top three finalists from each individual pack and rank got to attend and race.

K.Z. won 1st place in his pack as a Tiger Cub back in
January (7th in his pack overall) and now it was time to race against the best of the best in our district of little 1st graders. Due to the amount of Tiger Cubs racing, the race consisted of about 10-12 rounds
(my daughters were simply eye rollingly thrilled about this).

In round 1 K.Z came in second place much to his dismay, but was unbeaten for the next 7 or 8. Then there were only six racers who had not been eliminated and K.Z. was one of them. Then four racers. Then three. I was literally on the edge of my seat and so nervous for him. The final three racers had to race three times (once in all three race lanes) to determine the winner.

My boy came in 2nd in the entire division! He would have come in first but I think the other kid's dad is some Indy 500 race car designer (or not, we have not actually ever met). A proud moment in the life of a Cub Scout mom. Sigh!

A minute with his friends after the paparazzi

The trophies and "the car"
First Place for his Den and Second Place for his Division


Jamie said...

Man, that is SO cool!!! What a proud mommy you must be! Congrats K.Z.!!!

THe Sweeton Family said...

Congratulations K.Z.! We are proud of you.