Monday, March 19, 2007

Alert the Media!


My father has discovered the internet! Now this may not seem like earth shattering news for some of you, but for those of you who know my big 'ol handsome daddy, this is quite news worthy.

My father has never had an e-mail address, sat at a keyboard nor cared, ever. While the rest of his family has been busily typing away through life (wife, daughter, sons, cats, all of us) my dad has been (gasp!) outside living it.

While my father is very intellectual and quite the history buff, he prefers to spend his time in the great "out of doors", fishing, hunting, grilling, breathing; you know all the things that us pasty faced computer geeks miss out on (by the way, he also has a great tan, although being Indian that tends to come naturally!). There has been one thing that has been nagging him however. In his office, he has this television type thing that he could never seem to get to broadcast Redskins games. It had a funny looking typewriter attached to it and he was not quite sure of it's purpose. It's important to know that my dad spends the majority of his day out of the office with clients, so the strange thing on his desk never annoyed him that much before, but since his entire family has seemed to be sucked to their similar looking machines, as if a giant magnet, he should check it out. So began the quest to conquer the World Wide Web.

Lest you think my father is some centurion still reeling from the invention of Cornflakes in 1906, I assure you he is a very young guy in his mid 50's, just way too busy to bother with all this previously. But I digress. So, Daddy-o gets my stepmom and little brother to get him started on the quest to become a pasty faced geek like the rest of us. I must say it is a proud moment in the life of a girl when her father enters the 21st century.

Rock on Dad, see you in cyberspace!

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Jamie said...

While my mom has been surfing the net for some time now, she just signed up for myspace! It is weird to see my MOM on myspace!