Monday, March 26, 2007

An Evil Genius Or A Ditsy Mom?

The weather here in PA has been quite moderate this week. Not too cold, not extremely warm, but quite tolerable. Our house is well insulated and has been very toasty without much help from the heat pump. Seeing no point in keeping the heat on while it has been semi spring, I turned it off.

I neglected to turn it back on last night when the temperature dropped into the 30s, hence causing my normally early bird children to snuggle deeper into their warm beds this morning in lieu of getting up and facing a cold house. Even the dog had no interest in braving the chill to head outside for his customary morning "trip".

The fact that I simply forgot to turn the heat on, I believe, has no bearing on my status as an evil genius. After all, I got to snuggle under my down comforter longer this morning as well. Ditsy mom? I think not!

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