Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Once upon a time in a land far far away a young woman named Angel used to power lift. And she was good at it. A bad evil drunk lady driving her menacing car hit the young Angel's car causing much damage to the car and slight damage to the young Angel. The young Angel's very wise old doctor advised her to stop lifting for 6-8 weeks. Quite a few years later...

Here I sit. Now instead of lifting, I need things lifted (bring on the surgical gown!). So I figured, why not start up again? I used to be obsessed with weight lifting and I was in the gym for hours at a time when I was there, back in my high school and college days. Seeing that it has been just slightly more than the recommended 6-8 weeks since I have last seriously power lifted (ummm, like 700 weeks?), I knew I had to start out slowly. As a result, I am moving a tad slowly today as well. Ask me to pick up a pen and I might just have to kill you; once my arms stop hurting.

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Carolyn said...

Good for you for starting to lift again! I know that pain, it's not fun. It is hard to keep pushing forward until you get past the pain. Keep up the good work.