Friday, March 2, 2007

When Dad Heals

It's amazing what a fantastic husband can do for the soul (and the heart). Yesterday was just plain rotten. One of those days that makes you want to crawl into bed and hide from yourself under the covers. Mr. Clean was promptly kept abreast of all the day's activities and it was with quite the 'tude. My day has horrid and he was going to know about it even though he was 600 miles away and could do nothing for me.

The kids went to bed early (for their own preservation) and I tearfully set to clean up one of the messes that had been created in the three loooonnng days daddy had been gone. At about 20:30 the door opened and in rode my knight on his white horse. Bouquet of flowers in hand! He took one look at me on my knees sorting through toys and told me to bag it for the night and relax with him while giving me a big hug. I did not do one more chore last night although the house desperately needed it.

Mr. Clean is a man that hates clutter. He never faults me for it, but it drives him nuts. The best thing I can do for his spirits is have the family room and kitchen really clean when he gets home. Yet he ignored all that he hates to help soothe my wounded heart.

Just having him in the house melted away all of my frustrations. I have truly been blessed in the Lord's choice of a spouse for me. I know that this is the man that was born to be my hubby. Nothing mattered once he came home. It's hard to describe, but it was as if everything was once again right with the world, just because I was in his arms.


TheTutor said...

Yay, Mr. Clean! I knew I liked that guy. ;) Takin' care of our Miss Angel. Praise God for creating marriage!

Jamie said...

That's so sweet! My hubby is great like that too! There's going to be an AR retreat in Virginia...not sure how far that is for you though. Maybe you could find others to go with. Let me know if you want the website and I can find it. They're so worth a drive! I am so refreshed! Thanks for your encouragement and prayers!

Serena said...

My husband is a "cleanie", too, but he also never condemns his "messie" wife when I get behind. He will just pitch in and help. It sure has motivated me to change.

I found you from my daughter's, Joelle, blog.

May G-d bless your day with shalom!

Love and shalom,