Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Race is ON...

In my mind and on my calendar there are now 10 more weeks left to finish school. My big 'ol Sonlight Curriculum Binder insists that there are 12 more weeks left. The catch is that we are going on vacation mid May and quite frankly, I would like to be done with this academic year before hitting the surf!

That being said, I previously decided that we are going to become "year round" homeschoolers from here on out and based on the reporting deadlines here in PA my school year runs from July 1st until June 30th (the last day to report, not that I have to do this yet).

So, although my school year will be done mid May, the next one will gear up again July 2nd. Time to cram a bit. I started this year in August like a lot of people so I have to keep on a strict schedule to finish when I'd prefer. Lots of praying to do!!
There is one catch however. I started First Language Lessons mid year and since it is meant to be spread out over 1st and 2nd grades (100 lessons for each year) I definitely need to keep that book going through the summer respite. I am on lesson 29 and need to start lesson 101 in July. Wish me luck! Better yet, pray for me that I keep it going and stay on track. I don't even believe in "luck"!


Carolyn said...

I'll pray for you. I just checked, I have 13 weeks left. That would bring me through the week of Memorial Day.

TheTutor said...

We switched to year-round schooling last year. It is a life-saver here in the Nanny State! We took off (with the exception of some life-learning days) from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Then we were sick for a month and only had a few days of oficial school here and there. Despite all the upheaval, I just check my HomeSchool Tracker stats (can I just say I love that program?!). I am a little behind in keeping my records, so there are about 3 weeks missing, so not counting those, we are at about day 100 for school but if we count hours, we are at 650 hours. We need 900 hours, so we will get there easily by the end of July!
We are also shifting to a 6 day work-week with two "light days" per week. This makes much more sense for how we organize our time and lives anyway, and will keep our focus on learning all the time and not just when the books are out.

You will be fine. Life will happen. School will happen. The children will learn. You will keep (most of) your sanity.