Thursday, October 4, 2007

Gee, You Don't Say

While watching our usual Thursday night mind numbing telefest, a teaser for the 11 o'clock news came on talking about a "mystery disease" that attacks women at all directions and causes many of the symptoms that I have AND is commonly misdiagnosed. Well, my ears perked up on that one!

I anxiously waited for the news, just hoping against hope that they were not going to highlight the "mystery disease" of PCOS. I was wrong. Big sigh. Now I know that not everyone knows about this disease, but to see it hawked on the evening news as the newest thing since Britney Spears' custody battle (also on the news tonight) was annoying as I was diagnosed with it initially twelve years ago. Especially since they had nothing new to report. No cure, effects 10% of women, no cure, you are born with it, no cure, endocrine disease, no cure, yada, yada, yada...

Oh wait, one new thing. Research now shows that it can also be linked to familial diabetes, depression and one other medical disaster I did not hear because I was sniffling too loud. Fabulous. Call me when you find the cure. Maybe I am depressed, where is the chocolate?

Hey, do you think Ramen Noodles can cure it?


Mrs. Sam said...

What is this disease? I've never heard of PCOS. No cure sounds serious, is it hard to live with? I pray your well.

Carolyn said...

what's the other medical disaster? or don't I want to know