Thursday, October 4, 2007

So Much for the Trickle Down Theory

I have had a great confidence in the "trickle down theory" of learning. I have seen it work amazingly with my daughter as she has listened to my son's lessons for the past two years before starting Kindergarten. She can spout off things that I never thought my son would ever "get" and I know it is from the repetition she heard with him.

Today however, my hopes in this amazing phenomenon have waned. We were talking about our address and phone number which K.Z. is fairly confident with. Xena is as well, with a bit of prompting.

C'sa though...

Xena and C'sa were playing a game which sort of resembled government bureaucracy at its best as Xena was sitting behind a clip board obtaining pertinent information from a "line" of people. One person, to be exact. C'sa.

When asked her phone number, C'sa replied, "0-9-28-11-12-13".

Later when asked her address; her response? "Here!"


Mrs. Sam said...

In some very rare cases, osmosis takes place of 'trickle down'. We're in the same now 15 year old went into Kindergarden nine year old still struggles. The lovely 13 year old had trickle down..maybe it skips that 3rd child completely and goes straight into a slow burning osmosis...yeah, yeah, I'm stickin with that theory...yeah, it has nothing to do with me and my wise choice of curriculum...yeah, that's my story and I'm stickin to it! ;o}

Susie said...

Hey, speaking on behalf of "third children" everywhere, we do get the trickle down...we're just too clever to reveal our answers in the normal fashion. Afterall, it's already been done twice before us. Right? LOL!

Never fear, dear Angel! She's only 3, so it's okay if she doesn't quite know her telephone number and address yet...besides you never know whom she'd tell. :o)

Carolyn said...

I think maybe she has been sneaking and watching football. Her telephone number sounds like something a quaterback would say right before he yells, "hike!"

Susie said...

LOL! I was thinking she was playing the Lottery. The "Daily 6."