Monday, September 24, 2007

Life's Cure All

I have found the cure for all that ails ya! Albeit, while not completely cured yet, I am feeling loads better and I can tell you that it is all thanks to Ramen Noodles.

For the past two days I have eaten pretty much nothing but Ramen Noodles, saltines and cola; the sick gal's staples. After each bowl of noodles I had a clear head, soothed throat and renewed spirit. It only lasted about an hour, but I felt markedly better regardless for that brief time (it's accumulative you know, so the more you eat, the better). The saltines were only a mild distraction while the cola simply soothed my throat and stomach while it was being actively ingested.

So after two days of intense scientific study I have concluded that Ramen Noodles can cure major illness. Or perhaps you will leave behind a pretty mummy due to all the sodium and chemicals. Either way, success!

Thankfully this little modern wonder only costs about $0.20 a package so load up and enjoy!


Mamma D said...

Just finished up a bowl... yummy!! I feel so much better!!!

TheTutor said...

What did the world do before penicillin and Ramen noodles?!

Carolyn said...

Ramen Noodles = chicken noodle soup except cheaper! Maybe I should try some - still got my cold.