Thursday, October 11, 2007

Step 1 DONE!

This morning we completed step one of three thousand eight hundred ninety two steps in becoming an approved foster family in our county, of which we would be one of only 80 families for the over 800 children in the "system" here.

Our case worker came to chat and complete one of the three visits needed for a home study this morning and gave us a lot of great information along with the mountain of paperwork we need to start. I am guessing however that they would not appreciate me using their paperwork to have K.Z. and Xena practice copy work? I certainly could use their help filling it all out and it would count as school!

Saturday I will go to an all day training session to kick start the hours required per year of training. Then Mr. Clean and I will have to follow that up on the three following Monday nights. The more I learn the more I really am excited about this prospect. And the more I realize that this is not in my control. Which is definitely a good thing.


Mrs. Sam said...

What an awesome calling on your life! So so cool. I've always wondered how the people who control the 'system' view homeschoolers. Any feedback on that? Its neat to watch God's hand in this. Keep us posted.

Aduladi' said...

Mrs. Sam,

I was a bit concerned about the homeschool issue as well. We are fortunate to know someone who is a case worker and homeschooler (in another jurisdiction) who counseled us to go for it despite our fears.

Our case worker told us that my county has many homeschooling families that are foster parents as well. We are coming out of the woodwork all over the place, LOL!

That being said, I have made sure my HSLDA dues are up to date, LOL!


TheTutor said...

Are you allowed to homeschool the foster children or do they have to continue to go to the gov't school in your area? (I know you can homeschool once they are adopted, but I wasn't sure about while in foster.)

Also, do they have income restrictions to determine whether a family may foster? (I know you live in a different state, but I figure I can take what you have to do and lessen it about 10 ford for here. *grin*)

Jamie said...

I'm so excited for you all!!! Praying for everything to go smoothly in the process.