Sunday, October 7, 2007

When Does September Start?

In June I could not wait for September. In July I could not wait for September. In August I could not wait for September.

September is going to be the month that life will settle down and we will study in the morning with lots of lazy, uneventful afternoons and weekends.

It's October and I am still waiting for September.


Renae said...

Me, too. :) Thanks for the laugh.
Life just doesn't cooperate does it?

Mrs. Sam said...

Mondays are always a great September!
It means you get a 'do-over'...
Happy Thanksgiving by the way, up here in Canada its Turkey Day so we're off school and work! Lovin that...

Susie said... comes after August...which is the month I keep dating my checks. I must be "behind" like you. Whew! Can't believe it's nearly the middle of October!

"Stop the world...I wanna get off." LOL!