Monday, October 1, 2007

Even On the Hard Days...

Today has not been a stellar day. The girls' room is a mess (biiiggg shocker), K.Z. got into a funk this morning during school and I had promised to deliver Meals On Wheels today as a substitute driver leaving not as much morning time to get school completed.

All that being said, I still love homeschooling. I love that this afternoon I could lay on the floor with my son and a workbook and work on some pages that were not assigned, but still beneficial. I just love the flexibility of it all.

We will have to make up the missed work from today, but we will and we can. We are not stretched so thin that we cannot have fun and we are free from the typical "brick and mortar school" schedule. Education is an absolute top priority, but our family health and well being rides pretty high up there as well.

So even on the hard days I am still thankful and blessed to be homeschooling.

1 comment:

Mrs. Sam said...

Preach it sister!!! Best homeschool advice I ever heard was
"You work the curriculum, the curriculum doesn't work you."
Can you say, FREEDOM???