Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Catching Up

It has been a few days since I have posted and they have been a whirlwind. I know that you have been wondering and anxiously waiting with baited breath for word that I am okay. Let me reassure all 3 of you faithful readers that yes, I am still here. Life is good.

Okay, now that I am over that delusion of grandeur, I will catch you up with the goings ons in the Mr. Clean household...


That's it. You are caught up. Have a great day.

Alright, so that is not all the happenings, but boy has that taken a major chunk out of my life lately. It seems that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a little funny about letting a foster child live with you without at least knowing your name. So I have been filling them in on all the pertinent information about Mr. Clean and I in the form of masses amount of paperwork.

We also started foster parent training. Many, many hours of training. I will say however that the case workers have found a way of making 11 hours (so far, with more to come) of training classes in the past three days very entertaining and informative. I'll bet you have never played Jeopardy where every category had to do with illegal drugs. I can now add that to my resume.

After more training this Saturday and then next Monday night we will be done with that portion of the journey. Now we are waiting for our State and Federal clearances and then the rest of our three part home study to be completed. It has been quite rewarding to talk to other couples that are embarking on this quest at the same time. Some are experienced in fostering and are doing it again and others are as green as us. Quite a few are considering adoption as a course of action just as we are.

So now I am off to get back to my normal world, to continue educating my offspring and try and start the major clean out of the house. Every couple of months I get the urge to purge all of the dead weight in the house (expired lotions, unmatched socks, a kid not pulling their weight, etc.) and this time I am resolved to carry through with that urge, as usually I laugh at said urge and continue my normal course of hoarding expired lotions and kids not pulling their weight.

Wish me luck!


Mrs. Sam said...

I feel your pain...paper work is a time sucker, but wow, this time the payoff is huge. Praying for your sanity. :o)

Anonymous said...

Ok, 2nd try at this comment thing. While I don't know the details, I think this is pretty cool. How did you get turned on to this? When you say that you are thinking of adopting, you mean as a result of fostering, or opposed to? Guess I will stop asking questions and we should just talk, eh? Anyway, love to you all...talk to you soon.

Jamie said...

Oh, those mountains of papers seem neverending, don't they? How great that things are cruising along for you.

I also need to go through our house...namely my boys room where the toybox is overflowing w/who knows what!?!?

Heather_in_WI said...

Heh-heh! Very funny post! :-)