Friday, October 19, 2007

It Never Ever Ever Fails

I have been trying for weeks now to update the picture on my blog's header and side bar. There is one little problem. C'sa.

The leaves are a changin', The settings are picture perfect and my darling baby keeps delaying my plans. The first delay was when she and her sister decided to swing on swings sideways, "kamikaze style" and they wound up smacking into each other right in the forehead. Xena had a small bump on her hairline that healed quickly while C'sa sported a golf ball sized (I am not exaggerating) goose egg that lasted three weeks. Did I mention she also sported two black eyes from the event as well? I am just thankful that she was at a friend's house at the time with several witnesses because the poor child looked like she had been in a boxing ring!

Just about the time that war wound was healing she and Xena once again collided, this time in the hallway (they kind of tripped over one another while heading different directions; the Stooges would be proud), causing C'sa to fall and smack the bathroom door jam. Guess what happened? Goose egg number two, except not as big and with a nice big scrape on her forehead to distinguish the two events one from another.

Boy does this post sound eerily familiar. I think it just may be a conspiracy.


Mrs. Sam said...

murphy does get around!

Carolyn said...

don't forget about the mark on her neck!