Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Young And The Listless

Mr. Clean and I have been using cash for a lot of things lately and trying not to "go nuts" in budgeted categories which do not have "go nuts" balances, like dining out. So last week we decided that once our respite baby went home to her foster parents we would take the children out to lunch after church to enjoy some family time.

The plan was to leave at about 16:00 and eat with all the "early birds", after coming home to relax for a while and let Iggy take a nap. At around 15:55 C'sa fell asleep on the family room floor. It had been a long week for everyone! No matter, we would wake her and head out.

I knelt by her and kissed her forehead to wake her gently. She was not budging, not even an eye lash flutter and she felt a little warm. So I kissed her again to see how warm she really felt. After all, she was snuggled in a blanket and sleep always makes my babies warm to the touch. She was warm. Very warm.

I got the ear thermometer, which although is never very accurate, it will get you in the ballpark. Three different readings put her temperature above 103 degrees (about 39 degrees Celsius for all my metric friends). Even taking her temperature did not wake her. She was zonked.

I transferred her to the couch with her pillow and a better blanket remembering how earlier while snuggling with me she insisted she was "freezing". Indulging her, I wrapped her up in a couch blanket and chuckled, "only this child could be cold on an 80 degree day". I'll bet that was when her temperature was coming on. Needless to say, our dining out was not going to happen today.

Mr. Clean and K.Z. decided to go geocaching instead and pick up dinner on the way back while C'sa snoozed. Instead of dining out at a nice family restaurant, we ate Subway subs. Not quite what I was hoping for, but at least I did not have to cook!!

After a looong nap, a dose of Tylenol and a movie C'sa was almost back to her normal self. And hungry. She asked when we were going to go out to eat. She got part of a sub instead.

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