Thursday, July 10, 2008

The New School Year

Since I cannot seem to nail down K.Z., and Xena is 3000 miles away this month, I would say that concludes this school year. Technically we school year round but we have to have an official stop and start to our year per the
"great" Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. So I have declared that our school year runs from July 1st until June 30th. I guess this school year is starting with some serious vacation time!

Xena finished her Kindergarten work and was on to some of her 1st grade curriculum by late April. K.Z. still has some lingering 2 grade Language Arts and Math to finish, but I think that is going to count as "review" for the beginning of 3rd grade.

We are sticking with the tried and true this year.
Story Of The World for history and geography, Singapore for math for both kids, First Language Lessons for Xena to begin and the new 3rd grade edition for K.Z. to continue. Spelling will be Spelling Workout for both of them (at different levels) and we are trying a new Science curriculum this year, BJU Press. The other subjects will also be covered, Bible, handwriting, reading, etc. with a myriad of different living books and classics.

C'sa still declares that she is too "little" to "do school", but I intend to teach her to read with Teach Your Child to Read In 100 Easy Lessons. I do not plan to start her officially in Kindergarten, as she would not be enrolled in a private or public school due to her birth date, but I just may slowly go through the motions anyway. I think she may surprise herself with what she can do.

I always get giddy at the thought of a brand new school year and the new things the kids will be learning and reading. Now if only I had students!


Jamie said...

I am so not ready to begin the year yet but I can't wait to order our books.

Carolyn said...

I am looking forward to starting school with the boys too (though, don't know when that will be!). I want to homeschool year round, but I think I needed this time off and so did the boys. I'm glad God always knows what is best for us.