Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On My iPod

I have a secret. I will only reveal it to you if you pinky swear not to repeat it. I used to be a big fan of contemporary country music. You know, the kind that was based on classic country, but had a "pop" feel to it as well? Any classic country fan would smack me in the back of the head for admitting this.

As a vocalist I have a huge range of musical tastes and as a lot of vocalists and musicians, I would listen more to what I most closely identified as "my sound", things I could sing or tweak to my abilities. Back when my vocal chords got a lot more stage time I would do the traditional vocal warm ups, but then break loose with a little Lena Horne or (gasp!) Dwight Yoakam. I am best at singing the blues and gospel, but can also throw down a little country as well. Just don't tell anyone.

So the iPod selection this time is a Yoakam song. It brings me back to the late great '90s and it's a great song "to boot"...

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Mrs. Sam said...

Oh sister friend that is too funny...shhhhh don't tell, but I used to be a huge Faith Hill fan and Shania Twain...I live in Shania Country!!! Really only a few hours away.