Thursday, July 24, 2008

Two Babies, Two Carts and Ten Boxes of Cereal...

K.Z. had his piano lesson today so the "twins", C'sa, and I dropped him off and made a mad dash for Sam's Club to get petrol (I just can't type "get gas" without giggling; I am so immature) and a couple loaves of bread. Due to the fact that Sam's has enormous carts I could easily fit both infant carriers, my purse and 6 loaves of bread within.

Mission accomplished, I was back to get K.Z. at the piano teachers house with just minutes to spare. Feeling cocky about my effortless Sam's run with two six month olds I decided to up the ante. I was heading to Target. Since Target carts are of normal size I was only able to fit the babies in one. No place for food, purse, or the like. Thankfully K.Z. is a tall 8 year old and can maneuver a cart with ease, without running into displays and various people. So off went the cart caravan.

My sole reason for going to Target was the amazing cereal sale they had last week and I was hoping it was still going on. While there previously, they had 4 boxes of General Mills cereal on sale for a mere 7 bucks! That's $1.75 a box! The cheapskate in me could not pass it up before but kicked myself for only buying the 4 boxes. This week I was going to stock up. My fear was realized however, when I saw that that particular sale had ended.

The new sale was 3 boxes for 8 bucks on General Mills. Not as appealing. But wait! There was another sign on the shelf. Four boxes of Kellogg's for 7 dollars! Hey, I am not loyal to one brand. You can shamelessly fight for my business and I will switch loyalties as fast as Elizabeth Taylor changed husbands. So I load up the cart, grab a couple of other things and dance to the register. Except at the register my cereal is NOT ringing up at $1.75 a box. I pounce immediately.

"Excuse me, but those are supposed to be $1.75 a box."

18 year old check out boy, "Oh, they are?"

"Yes, there is a sign on the cereal isle shelf indicating that Kellogg's cereal is 4 boxes for 7 dollars."

18 year old check out boy, "Um, oh. Um, well they are not ringing up that way" (you don't say...)

Me, eyeballing two sleepy babies who have been amazing thus far but could explode any minute, "Can you check?"

This dance continued until another clerk, too lazy to actually go look at the cereal isle, had to involve a third clerk to go and check the sign. And he had to repeat the request into the Target issued, secret service walkie talkie ear piece three times. I was about ready to march myself, two babies, two carts and ten boxes of cereal back to the cereal isle personally, grab the sign and staple it to the clerk's forehead.

Clerk with Target issued, secret service walkie talkie ear piece, "They say it is only on Raisin Bran".

Me, smiling as politely as I could at the time and frantically trying to see the sign in my mind, "I am fairly certain it was on all Kellogg's cereals" (after all, why would I have a cart full of blasted cereal if not!).

Clerk with Target issued, secret service walkie talkie ear piece was not budging and at this point, I was not willing to take everyone back to the cereal isle to re-read the sign myself to prove my point. I had to concede or prove my case, so I told the 18 year old check out boy to take all the cereal off my bill. I would not buy even one, I am way too prideful (and cheap) that way.

So home I went, cereal-less and slightly deflated, but I had bought marshmallows on sale so I guess I will survive. Until the next great adventure (or bargain)...


Susie said...

LOLOLOL!! I saw that sale sign, too, this week...and saw that the dates ended on 7/19. :o( Ironically, I wanted Raisin Bran.

I'm sorry you had a less-than-successful cereal run.


Jamie said...

AGH! How annoying!

Carolyn said...

I love your storytelling. I feel like I was there with you, feeling your frustration.

Mrs. Sam said...

You make me smile!!