Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We did it. We are finally (almost) free from the evil, wicked Verizon (okay, so they're not that bad, but I am almost free nonetheless, and it sounds more dramatic)!!

We decided to go with a cable based internet and cable "package" that would jack up our cable/internet budget, but would allow for us to get a VoIP telephone, CHEAP.

My father-in-law, the brilliant man that he is, has been using
ViaTalk for quite a while now and really has good things to say about them.

Currently ViaTalk is having a "buy one/get one" kind of sale. You pay for service for one year and they will give you another year for free.
Basically my unlimited local and long distance service that now runs me $65 a month with Verizon will be reduced to an average of $8.00 a month for two years and then about $16.00 a month thereafter (because I paid upfront for the service) with ViaTalk. Plus, I will get a ton of extras that Verizon did not offer.

Here is the bone brain part of my story. I got my adapter in the mail today to hook up my new fandangled phone service and realized I am missing one big component. A router. Ugh. I never even thought about the fact I would need one, so I need to get my cheapskate hat on and find the best deal I can on a wireless router.

When all else fails, read the instructions...


Lorri said...

The last time we had a traditional phone line was 5 years ago, right before we left for Korea. Every month we just shook our heads over all the extras we were being charged for, but at the time there was nothing to do about it.

Two years later we returned to the States and were intrigued by the Vonage commercials. We signed up, dropped our phone bill by over half and never looked back.

The only problem is that when the internet connection goes out, so does our phone. It's not often, but we did set our phones to automatically forward to my cell phone if it goes unanswered for longer than 30 seconds.

Mrs. Sam said...

We're still with Bell...we live about 45 mins away from Alexander Graham Bell's homestead...there's not alot of options here.