Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where Did He Come From?

The other day at dinner I scratched at a bug bite and made it bleed. As tiny bites tend to do, it would not stop bleeding, a fact I pointed out to my family in an attempt to gain sympathy, chocolate or the evening off. None of this happened.

Mr. Clean responded with a helpful, "Mommy's leaking."

K.Z. did not hesitate a second and replied, "She needs an oil pan."

The males in my house thought this was hysterical. I am still waiting for chocolate.


Jamie said...

ROFLOL that is hilarious!!! Now, they can bring on the chocolate....I could use some too.

Carolyn said...

Men don't live in our world and we don't live in theirs! If they did, they would have known the correct response was, lets give Mommy the night off and let her eat whatever she wants!