Monday, July 21, 2008


Today was Iggy's weekly visit with his mother and brothers. Thankfully it was also Tia's day for her visit at the same time (don't you just love when you can see God's planning revealed in the details?). So a good friend of ours watched K.Z. and C'sa for me and the "twins" and I were off.

We have visitation at the county courthouse. In a connected building is the Family Services Center, so you are not having to deal with hardened criminals and hardened attorneys in the same hallways as little frightened foster children. There is a four level underground parking garage, which is extremely convenient, as foster parents are allowed to park there.

Today pulling in I saw a sign that said, "Garage elevators are out of order". I was not even sure how to process that information in my brain as I found a spot to park. Two 6 month olds, two diaper bags, one stroller and no elevator. Stairs were obviously out of the question, yet the easiest solution. I had to simply walk out of the garage.

It would not have been that difficult of a task if I wasn't parked on the lowest level (four levels below ground) and the garage did not have a ridiculously steep decline at the entrance to get down into it. I had to walk up that behemoth pushing the stroller. Tack on a 90 degree day and you can just imagine my beet red face and labored breathing. The garage was like a sauna. No cool underground parking in this building; just hot, stuffy concrete.

After sweating through security and dropping off the babies I finally got to sit down and cool off. Praise God for county funded air conditioning. I probably should not complain about my county taxes so much now.

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Mrs. Sam said...

I'm sorry but I'm laughing myself silly at the visual you created here. You really should turn your blog into a book. Awesome!