Saturday, July 19, 2008

So Far, So Good

Right now I am listening to a very tired "Tia" (respite baby) fuss herself to sleep, since my beloved son thought it would be fun to play with the baby monitor and set it up in the kitchen. I am "anti-monitor" since we have always lived in a house that allows you to hear if there is a screaming baby in another room. If the baby is just fussy, I usually cannot hear said child. Screaming bloody murder, no problem. So I usually do not use monitors or I get stressed with every sleepless whimper.

Tia came last night and her foster mom fed her and put her to bed to try and help the transition from her house to ours for the week. She is a little behind Iggy in development (only simple things like growth and sleeping, nothing mental or serious), but seems to be adapting well to a new schedule and household. She is a very pleasant baby.

So far she and Iggy have been fascinated with one another as they sit playing in dueling Exersaucers and hang out on the floor together. She did not sleep very well last night, but it was nothing horrible and I got a good 5 hour stretch of sleep (of course when you go to bed at 2 am on your own accord, it's hard to blame it entirely on the baby). Tonight I plan to cuddle in my bad after the kidlets are all tucked in and see when she wakes next. Maybe this week I can get her on a good enough routine to have her sleeping through the night before her foster parents get back. Hmmmm.... a challenge.


It is now 4 hours later and the babies took a 3 hour afternoon nap simultaneously! Hopefully I can keep them up and occupied until bedtime and forgo Iggy's normal early evening snooze. He would go right back to sleep at bedtime, but I am not sure about Tia.

Looks positive!

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Carolyn said...

I'm so glad things are going so well. Keep up the good work! I know your up for the challenge and will have that baby sleeping through the night by the time Tia's foster mom is back! :)