Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Playing Hooky

Today in this part of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania it reached a wonderful 78 degrees with low humidity and big, white, fluffy clouds. Today was also the day we attend our weekly homeschool co-op.

I made an executive decision and blew it off (which was also helped by the fact I woke up late) and decided to visit a semi-local farm museum (that also boasts an 18th century homestead in which you can roam around), that was having it's annual "Homeschool Day". We were joined by friends which made it even more special.

It was a great decision. We all had a blast and Iggy got his first ride in a horse drawn wagon. The kids got to make crafts, watch sheep get sheared by 18th century methods (just a man and a pair of shears) and attend a half and hour of school in the one room school house taught by a school mistress who knew her stuff.

She taught them as if it was 1892 and they were to act accordingly. I am not so sure she would have actually used the dunce cap or the switch that were displayed on her desk, since the parents may have frowned upon it (perhaps, not?), but it never became necessary as the children did exactly as she instructed and not one peep was heard by the over 70 children in attendance (they squeezed in two to a desk). It was amazing. Iggy decided to sleep through the whole thing in my arms and by the end of the session I thought my arm just might have fallen off, but I dared not move as I was afraid of the lashing I may have gotten from the teacher!

The best part was the fact that the kids just got to run around and enjoy themselves in a completely different setting. It has been a rough week school wise at home and we all needed the break from reality. It was a great break!


Susie said...

We missed you yesterday! But we're glad you had a fun day!! :o)

Mrs. Sam said...

I love field trips! Looks so much fun...we went on one last Friday to a Fort in Toronto. Fort York, I'll post next week no time to download right now, but it was way cool! I love days when you can just be outside your head and in nature. It looks like your kids had a great time. Spring has sprung!

Juno said...

Oh how fun! We (all 5 of us)volunteer in a pioneer village and absolutely adore it. Even though they have lived the part of pioneer children they have never attended school in the 1 room school house on the property. I will have to look into that! It looks like they had a great time!


Jamie said...

That looks awesome. I sure hope they have something similiar up in Iowa (you'd think they would). By the way I love your hair! And it is great to see what you look like!!!!