Thursday, April 3, 2008

Did Ya Know It Is Kilt Day?

Almost one-half of my genetic make-up is Scot. Glaswegian to be exact, which means when my fore fathers spoke, no one outside of the great city of Glasgow understood them. It gives me a bit of an advantage since my beloved Great Grandfather fell into that category and I could hear through all the rolled rrrrs any day.

He had to learn to adapt however, as he was a traveling evangelist (a real one, not the Jim Bakker kind) and Americans get funny when an immigrant cannot speak the language but is trying to save their souls from damnation. And most especially when he actually is speaking their language and they STILL cannot understand it. As a result, my Grandfather adopted a beautiful Glaswegian/American combo form of English.

How is this all related to National Kilt Day? Well, he wore one. Not here in the States so much, but in his native and beloved Scotland while playing the bagpipes for HRM Highland Bagpipe Band. That's him in the picture. Cute knees, huh?

So here we are on Kilt Day. My beloved hubby of Viking decent would never wear one (although, kilts were believed to have been heavily influenced by the clothing worn by the Vikings and Normans that conquered the British Isles in the 8th Century), but I have a dear friend and brother in Christ who I know has. He even owns one, so hopefully he will enjoy the manliness it exudes on this oh, so special holiday! He knows who he is so I need not name names, but perhaps he will comment on whether or not the kilt saw daylight today.

As they say, "Only Real Men Wear Kilts".


Mrs. Sam said...

I have Scot in there somewhere too.

Stuart said...

Unfortunately, I didn't hear about National Kilt Day until it was too late...still, a kilt is such manly garb that everyday should be kilt day! Wonder how that would fit in with my company dress policy???

Stuart said...

Making up for lost time today!