Friday, April 4, 2008

The End of An Era

Mr. Clean has been waffling with a thought for a while that makes me sad, but also makes me breath a sigh of relief. He is hanging up his turnout gear.

This week he finally decided to retire from the fire company and made it official today. Once Iggy joined our family he took a long look at how thin he was spread with church, work, the fire department and family and decided that something had to go. It was the obvious choice.

Mr. Clean was a volunteer fire fighter in upstate New York for many years and then here in PA for the last four and has really enjoyed it, but that stage of life has passed and his love of the thrill has lessened. Frankly, anxiously waiting up for him to come home safely from a fully engulfed structure fire has never thrilled me, so I cannot say I am completely unhappy, but being a fire fighter has been part of the fabric that has made up Mr. Clean for so long.

It is exciting to begin the next stage of his journey with him. He is still my hero, turnout gear or none.


Renae said...

Thank him for his service from me. Firefighters are heroes, but daddies are, too. I'm glad he's choosing to be home for your precious children. (and you, too!)

Mrs. Sam said...

What an awesome gift! Praise God for REAL HEROS! I'm so proud of anyone who truely is willing to 'lay down his life for his brother', please congratulate him for me and tell him that a total stranger admires his strength. And sister, you are one brave wife. And your willingness to not hold him back makes you a hero too.