Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Iggy's First Camping Trip

Sort of...

We took the kids camping this weekend to celebrate the new acquisition (pop-up) and had a blast. The plan was that all of us would stay, but we camped about 20 minutes from our house in case little Iggy and I needed to go home or if we forgot something on our first run in the camper (and of course, we did).

Since Iggy has been sleeping a good 8-9 hours at night we thought that we could easily incorporate him into the trip. This would have worked well if it was a tad warmer. At about 21:00 we put the older three to bed (Iggy had been asleep for an hour already) and then Mr. Clean and I looked at each other with that, "now what?" expression. I wake Iggy at about 23:30 for one last feeding to help him not wake in a panic at 03:00. I had 2 1/2 hours to go.

Had it been warmer we could have just sat outside by the fire, but Friday night was cold and we did not want to give up the warmth of the camper to hang out outside, nor sit in silence while our children fought sleep due to excitement. I decided to head home with Iggy and come back the next day. Mr. Clean crashed right after I left.

Saturday was a glorious day and we had a blast just enjoying each other and tending an all day camp fire and marshmallow roast. Again I opted to go home at bedtime to tend to Iggy properly without waking the family for his late night feeding. Poor me, having to sleep in my own cozy bed...

We intend to camp again with my parents in two weeks, this time closer to their house in Maryland. Hopefully Iggy and I will be able to stay at the campground overnight this time. We will see!

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Jamie said...

Wow, congrats on the camper and on your first camping trip in it! I don't blame you for going home to your nice, warm, comfy bed- I would do the same!