Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pray For Mr. Clean

It has been a tough week for Mr. Clean at work. He is a long time employee of a national/international company and has worked his way up the corporate ladder pretty much right out of college. During this time he has seen many changes and survived a couple major corporate upheavals. After the latest he was the only original employee left in his division.

Throughout the last 11 years during his "climb" he has had amazing managers who he really liked a lot and who were always pleased with his work and work ethic. All of whom have left the company.

Now he has a new one who is quite stressful and presumably under quite a bit of stress himself. There is only one level of management between this gentleman and Mr. Clean so there is a small buffer, but he does have to work closely with this manager.

Mr. Clean is a Project Manager and therefore in the field quite a bit working with sub-contractors and the like. The other gentleman is a numbers guy. He does not go into the field, he manages from high up the ladder and has to rely on Mr. Clean and others to help him project cost, completion dates, etc. Except he does not always listen to the advice of his field teams and decides on his own on which date a job should be completed. As you can imagine this causes stress for all the parties involved.

Mr. Clean had always thought he wanted to retire with this company, back in the day when it was still the original entity. He could easily see clocking 40 years with this company. Now he is not so sure, but having a job with a large company such as this one in this economic era is a good plan. There is plenty of work right now for a nationally based firm.

And while we have a lot of friends in the area we love and a church family we adore, we have never really been tied to this neck of the woods. We both can imagine ourselves packing up and moving out almost anywhere, as this part of PA has no family ties or childhood memories. Until now. Leaving here would mean leaving

So pray for Mr. Clean and this manager. Mr. Clean has been praying for him and understands that this man's job is probably 100% more stressful than his own. Pray that this week that has left Mr. Clean pretty downtrodden would either perk up or be a big opportunity for growth in his walk and obedience to the Lord.


Carolyn said...

Will do!
My stomach did a flip-flop when you talked about not being tied to this neck of the woods and could move all most anywhere, but then I said, "God, your will be done." Seek God and He will led you. We know about not being happy in your job and how stressful that is.

Susie said...

We're praying!!!!!

Mrs. Sam said...

Been there,,,not fun. But I can say this, if God is getting his attention, its a good thing to go through. Sounds like hubby is already strong in the Lord, but maybe the question could be, what next Lord? or How do I move next? But steer clear of why. And if you adopt Iggy, can't he come with you then? Maybe its a transition time guys know best. Life is funny, but it sure is good.

Jamie said...

Praying that things look up for his job. My husband has had pretty stressful times with his job, although I'm sure its a bit different being military. You could move to Iowa and live near us;) Of course how hard that would be to leave Iggy! Praying that everything works out for your family.

Anonymous said...

I can totally simpathize - Daddy D is totally frustrated with no definate word yet about the transfer. My uncle (his boss) got 1 day notice... "We want you there yesterday". Do these people not know we have a family??? URGGG... Well, will keep you guys in my prayers... and that boy of yours is really sweet!!