Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Hubby Refreshed

Mr. Clean attended a men's retreat with our church this weekend so the kidlets and I decided somewhat last minute to take the journey to my mom's house. Due to the hinky (that is a technical term) weather we were expecting on Friday we decided to leave Thursday night and spent a great weekend at my mother and stepfather's house introducing them to Iggy.

We got home today about an hour before Mr. Clean and were able to excitedly greet him as he came home. It was wonderful to see him recharged in his mission as the leader of our little clan and refreshed due to time spent in the Word and with other godly men.


TheTutor said...


I popped over to tag you for a meme, but am so glad that I did so I could hear about Mr. Clean's rejuvenating weekend.

I decided to start my own meme. If you'd like to participate, you can find it here:

If not, that's fine. You only have three kids, an adorable foster baby, a hubby, two dogs, and my best friend to take care of! :)

Love ya!

Jamie said...

That's awesome that hubby had some time to refocus and that you and the kiddos got away for awhile! Hope things continue to look up!