Monday, February 18, 2008

Just One of Those Days

Every homeschooling mother has those days when she waits anxiously by the door for the school bus so that she may pounce the driver and convince them to take her children on said bus. This was not supposed to be one of those days. I was determined that it was going to go swimmingly. It was even 65 degrees here this morning and we were going to go on a nature walk.

Then the boy caught a small attitude that spiraled out of control. By the time he was back in control I had no interest whatsoever in even acknowledging that I had given birth to him, nonetheless educate him. So I didn't. Xena and C'sa had school while K.Z. moped in his room. He has to deal with Daddy when he gets home and will have to do school tonight while I do something fun with the girls.

The ironic part? The bus isn't even coming today, it's a federal holiday...


Mrs. Sam said...

Been there sister!! It was a holiday in our provence too for the first school.

Jamie said...

Oh yeah I can relate. I've been trying to do school here and there and been getting quite the attitude from my girl. Today I told her she had an option- she can quit her attitude and do school w/me or go to public school. She chose to stay home;)

The ironic thing about President's Day? Down here where we live (thankfully for not much longer) the kids don't get President's Day off of school because they get all sorts of days off for Mardi Gras. Is that messed up or what???