Monday, February 4, 2008

Has It Really Been Almost A Week?

I cannot believe I have not posted in almost a week! I guess those February funks really did get me down. Here the best part though... now that it actually is February, the funks are gone. Ain't irony grand?

Iggy is 4 weeks old today and has thoroughly wriggled his way into my heart and soul. He fits now; he is one of us. Which of course will make it harder when and if he has to go home, but we are prepared for that and knew it would happen. But for now, I have been enjoying snuggling with him and whispering secrets into his ear that are just for him to carry along with him wherever he lands.

Wednesday is his court date and I am almost 99.9% sure he will be coming back home with me. The judge is the final authority on that of course, but his case worker and her supervisor are recommending at least 6 more months of foster care with us. The family members that popped out of the woodwork for him and his brothers (who are with another family) are worse off than his mother in terms of suitability. People can be so clueless. So Wednesday I will actually allow him to move in. Maybe I should explain...

For the past 30 days Iggy has been here sleeping in a pack-n-play bassinet in the guest room. His clothes, diapers and other things are laid out on the guest bed for easy accessibility, but moreover basically representing his "visitor status". Until I knew he was not heading right back to his mother at the end of 30 days I simply could not let him "unpack". Packing back up would be a little tough. Now it is something that I may have to deal with in 6 months, but until then I am going to let him have his place in our family, as he already has taken up residence in our hearts. Iggy needs a drawer and a crib. He lives here now and it's time to recognize it. Well, after his court date at least.

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Melissa B said...

You are such a strong person to take in this baby (and any other foster for that matter)! I'll pray for the best outcome for both you and 'Iggy'. I love reading about him - I have a special place in my heart for baby boys :)