Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Xena My Warrior Princess!

The road ahead is long and winding.
With eyes of faith, you'll find the way.
And when the journey leaves you weary,
You can rest in the comfort of heaven's arms -
Sweet loving arms.

And peace will follow.
Peace be with you always,
As you go.
For now you know that...

Through the darkness, there's a light.
Remember God loves you.

When you open up your heart,
His love will meet you where you are.
He will always be a part of everything you do.
He is here to set you free,
And give you all the strength you need
To carry on, to carry on.

Through the darkness, see the light.
Remember God loves you.

-from "God Loves You" lyrics by Jaci Velasquez


Susie said...

Happy Birthday, Xena!! Hope you have a really FUN day! :o)

Lots of smiles and hugs from all the Footes!!

The Sweetons said...

Happy Birthday Xena! Another year older and another year sweeter and more beautiful.

Jamie said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!