Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You Know You Need To Clean When...

I have really been eye balling Your Price is Far Above Rubies, a study by Delwyn McAlister for a while now. I know women who have gone through it and really liked it and I wanted to get it.

Apparently, I have wanted it longer than I even realize. As I was cleaning out the guest room dresser for Iggy's clothes, I found it. Brand new and unused.

I have got to simplify and organize this house.


Jamie said...

LOL That's funny! I am in the midst of cleaning my disastrous house...not fun at all!

TheTutor said...

I have bought TWO books in the past month that I already own. I caught the first one and was able to return it, but Secondo had to point out the second double-purchase to me. I was half-way through the book, and it was still in good shape, so I was going to return it. I was carrying it around with me while I was returning things to various points around the house and proceeded to bend over and drop it right into the toilet! Ugh. So much for returning it... and even though it is a bit warped, it is now VERY clean.