Tuesday, February 5, 2008

And I Thought Hillary Was Pro-"Choice"

Ahhhh, communism rears it's ugly head. So much for a president who believes in "choice", or is that the case only when it pertains to aborting babies?

Hillary suggests snatching wages
Clinton says income could be garnished if workers refuse to buy health insurance

Will Hillary Clinton as president tap into workers' wages to achieve her goal of health insurance for all Americans?

The possibility exists as the candidate was pressed on the matter during a television interview today.

Speaking on ABC's "This Week" program, the Democratic senator from New York said she might be willing to have wages garnisheed if people refuse to buy health insurance.

"I think universal health care is a core Democratic value and a moral principle, and I'm absolutely gonna do everything I can to achieve that," Clinton said. "I think there are a number of mechanisms" possible, including "going after people's wages, automatic enrollment."

Read the entire article here. This pertains to every American.

See the interview for yourself (part 2 of 2, but the bulk of the conversation is on this half - about 5 minutes vs. 20 seconds on part 1 of 2).


david santos said...

Hi Aduladi
A beautiful place here!
Excellent post!
Thank you.
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Carolyn said...

Big Brother will be taking over! Scarey. The government forcing people to do something. We need to be praying for this election.

Renae said...

Yeah, pro-choice as long as you choose what she wants.