Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hit or Miss

It certainly has been "hit or miss" with blogging lately. Either I have tons to say or nothing and no time to do it. This week I had a lot on my plate and yet, still a lot on my brain. Just none of it made the journey from brain to keyboard.

I love writing. I have always been infamously bad at keeping a journal, but I love to write, so this in kind of the next best thing. I just have problems with consistency and time management. I also have not had time to check in on my favorite blogs (my RSS feed says I have 96 entries from you guys outstanding, most of which are undoubtedly Ray Comfort - ouch!). I guess I need to get better at balancing!

So until next time, which will hopefully be in the next day or so (hour? minute?), I bid ye farewell!


Mamma D said...

Not that you have a crying, pooing, needy baby to keep you away from the computer or anything!! wink wink. How busy you must be. I know that I have a hard time keeping up with everything and I don't have near the stuff going on that you do (all my kids can go to the bathroom by themselves!!). Hugs and prayers your way my friend.

Thanks for my kick in the pants... I needed it.

Love you LOTS... and I miss you!!((((((hugs))))))))) ang.

Melissa said...

I hear ya! Any way we can add more hours to the day? Although if we could, I suspect I'd be using them to sleep, not blog! ;)

PS Where's all that snow we were supposed to get? I'm still glad you cancelled though, already marked my calendar for April!