Tuesday, January 29, 2008

February Funk

Thanks to some very wise "seasoned" homeschoolers who thought to share with me this yearly phenomenon, I was prepared for the "February Funks".

I just was not expecting them in January.

I am sure part of it is the newest edition in the family, but I am just schooled out. My drive is gone and I just want to bundle them up, stick them on the school bus (including the baby) and eat bon-bons all day. Okay, just kidding. Sort of.

The kids have been great and entertaining each other, but I just have no "get up and go", which has been putting school on the back burner. We are usually done with our school day by noon. It is now noon and we have yet to begin. Nor have I showered. Nor planned dinner or the other various things I had on my list for the day.

Anyone else experience (or are currently experiencing) the February Funks? Any thoughts on how you barrel through them?


Heather_in_WI said...

Well, I'm not currently in them, but I'm sure we'll be in them next month. {grin}

Cut yourself some slack girl! You have a newborn at home! You're not sleeping!

As to getting over them? I don't know. Sometimes it helps me to just say we're on vacation that week (which gets me over the stress and guilt!), and spend the week relaxing and planning how to get back on track the next Monday. If you feel really guilty, rent or check out a few science related videos from the library. {grin}

Go read Mental Multivitamin's homeschooling posts. She's always good for a swift kick in the behind! :-)


Mrs. Sam said...

Man, I hear you! I'm so tired and I'm not even moving. I still walk every day but its not the same as that good old sunshine. School is on hold while the highschooler is in exams and I prepare my marriage prep stuff for Friday. But even then, I'm simply pooped. How to plow through? Start early, finish early and drop a few subjects. Then when the sun shines, you can pop them back in. Thats just me...

Jamie said...

I'm in that boat too! But for other reasons (which I haven't yet announced on my blog). I can't find the drive to do anything and I'm constantly tired. It's just your season in life with a newborn I'm sure. You will get back in the swing of it. Just enjoy the baby while you can!