Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hello From Aduladi Land!

I sat down this morning to try and catch up on my favorite bloggers on my RSS feeder only to find there were 74 entries...sigh! So I skipped the one from news organizations and the like and focused on the blogs I love to read daily. The ones written by other moms and friends and a pastor or two for good measure.

I just want to say that I am still reading even though I have not commented in a while and I am thinking of you!! Tutor, I just miss you in person (sniff sniff); Jamie, I am really praying for you and all that is going on right now; Susie, huge hugs to you! Heather, you keep my mind moving and I really need that right now; Carolyn, keep writing! There are many I love and have not mentioned but to everyone else, thanks for keeping me feeling connected!

I have decided that since we are actually still ahead in school, today will be a "library bag" school day. We went yesterday and took out about 3,000 books and Leap Pad cartridges so we are set for a while. The offspring asked if they could watch television this morning and I allowed them even though we normally do not watch in the mornings. After about an hour they turned it off themselves and went back to digging in the library bag. I am slack jawed and so pleased!

Off to the showers while all is quiet and Iggy is napping. Have a great day!


Susie said...

Hooray! Hooray! Books win over TV! YAYAYAYAY!!

Jamie said...

Oooh library bag day...what a great idea! We haven't been since before Christmas! We're about due for a trip! How did the meeting go with the mother? Prayin!

TheTutor said...

I miss you, too!

We'll have to plan a personal "homeschool conference" in the spring so we can eat hot food and ice cream not covered in kid slobber! (And go to bed by 11pm because we're getting old. Sigh.)

Hope you are getting some rest and that your times with Iggy's mom are productive and relationship-building for both of you.



hi sis!! great post!

oh btw, u've been tagged :)

Mrs. Sam said...

ahhhhhhh, baby land. the days of showers when ever and happy to know books won! Good job mom! You know, I heard a story once of a family who had a year that they did a hit and miss schooling due to illness and once the new September rolled around, they decided to test the kids. Would you believe those kids tested a whole year ahead of themselves even after missing almost a full year of school. All this to say, '...just keep reading, reading, reading, just keep reading, reading, reading!' It'll be all good! I'm sure your Abba Father will reward and amplify your kids learning through the amazing heritage you give daily. got a shower today!!!!