Friday, January 11, 2008

I Officially Recant My Previous Statement

I made the bonehead statement to a couple of people that, "since I did not give birth or have a c-section before bringing the baby home, it should be a little easier as I will not be so tired."


I am tired. Bone tired. Iggy is a pleasant baby, and slept great from 9 pm until about 2 am, but that was it. And since I did not go to bed until after his last sleepy feeding at 11:30 pm (and I did not sleep well at that), the 2 am wake up call was expected, but much longer than I had thought it would be.

At 4:30 am I finally gave up having Iggy sleep in his own cozy bed and took him to the family room to cuddle with me in the recliner. Jack (the dog), Iggy and I stayed there until about 8 am when the other kids started trickling down one by one and Iggy wanted breakfast.

Did I mention that I am tired?

I spoke to our case worker this morning and she told me that a family member had popped out of the woodwork yesterday wanting to possibly foster some of the kids including Iggy (he is one of several children). I have no idea if this will happen, since my case worker did not think this person was a reliable resource, but since they are family, they have to at least let them apply and go through the motions (in PA, relatives who want to do "kinship care" have to be approved the same way foster parents are, just more expediently).

Pray that if Iggy does go into kinship care, the relatives have the right intentions and motivation. This probably would not happen until after Iggy's court date in 30 days or so, but we might know more before that.

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Mrs. Sam said...

Oh he is so so sweet, I pray sweet sleep will encumber you again soon. But newborns eh? They have their own day no night. Ask Jesus to slap his super on your natural and get some zzzz's.
God Bless your effort. Congratulations, you did it!!!!