Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lazy Parents, Lazy Kids

I have been extremely lax in my job of instilling work ethic into my children. K.Z. is a trooper when asked to do a chore, usually, but there is nothing consistent I have taught them they must do. I never grasped the concept as a child either. I would have chores I had to do, but was quite lazy about them and got them done only because I thought my mother would kill me when she got home from work if I did not. Besides, as far as I was concerned, isn't that what a housekeeper was for?

Last night we sat down as a family and outlined the day and every child's responsibility throughout. Before bed I told them what I expected done in the morning after they got up and before breakfast. It happened. Without prompting from me. I was dumbfounded.

I think we constantly underestimate our children. I know I constantly underestimate mine. What chores do you expect from your children? I would love to hear your thoughts on this one.


Heather_in_WI said...

I posted mine! :-)


Mrs. Sam said...

Check my blog....www.homeskooldaize.blogspot.com
Mine are posted there....good conversation!!!

Jamie said...

Girl we must be on the same wavelength because I'm in the process of making them chore charts!

April said...

Hi! I jumped on over from Heather's blog. We have a chore list with pictures. It is not a chart just a list of reminders....we have one for our evening routine too.

Here is the morning routine:
-Make bed
-Get dressed
-Put P.J's and undies in hamper or under pillow (we wear p.j's 2x not undies)
-Comb Hair
-Brush Teeth

This is their meal-time routine:
-Clear your spot and help clear table.
-Kayla-wipes table off. Carson vac. w/ dustbuster under the table.

Other chores are:
Every other Tuesday they clean their bathroom (toilet, sink and floor)

Trash w/ Dad when asked.

My children are 6,5 and 2. They can also fold and put away laundry. The two year old just puts it away..she doesn't fold she wrinkles. She loves to copy and has picked up tons from her older siblings. I have put many hours of training into it over the years. I wouldn't expect too much I think keeping it simple and adding chores slowly is workable.

I always enjoy seeing what other Mom's are teaching their kids. Thanks for sharing.